10 Fun Summer Marketing Ideas

10-Fun-Summer-Marketing-Tips_Infographic_small 10 Fun Summer Marketing Ideas

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You’ve made it past winter and as spring is just starting, you’re ready for some fun. Now is the time to be thinking about your summer marketing efforts—and to infuse some fun!

Consider using that mentality when it comes to your company’s marketing efforts. Infuse your summer marketing effort with “fun!”

10 Fun Marketing Ideas

Here are some low-cost efforts you can do to help increase brand awareness, lead generation, and client engagement.

  1. Co-Sponsor a summer sports team. Whether it’s a kids’ sport or an adult, co-ed league, get your brand out there. Co-sponsor the team with a complimentary business, such as a legal firm or small business in your town. Consider brands with similar values, clients, and mission.
  2. Host a summer party. It could be a barbeque, ice cream social, evening event, or sock hop—whatever resonates with your clients. Seek input and help from your clients’ businesses to increase brand exposure for everyone. Remember if your client loves your service, why not give them a casual environment to help them express it?
  3. Direct mail. Put something unexpected on the front of the postcard or mailer, or even send a unique promotional item. Keep the message on point about your services and how life events happen all the time, such as weddings, graduation, babies, and more. Help them to understand your firm offers a wide range of services that may be leveraged all year.
  4. Get online. If you’ve been neglecting your social media efforts, now is a great time to get back online. Use interesting photos to post with text; share stories about how accountants have “saved the day” this past tax season. Post inspirational quotes or summer-related quotes in your social media stream. And, remember to engage with those on your platforms.
  5. Summer Specials. Email clients about a new webinar series your firm is hosting or have a series of learning events in the evenings. Offer the events at “summer blowout” prices to help entice them to register and attend. Share the content post session, for the summer fee as well. Then share the session download link on social media to help increase revenue from the event and intensify brand exposure online.
  6. Blow off some steam. Consider hosting an event for charity. Work with local merchants to participate in an afternoon of events with a CPA dunking booth, or pie-eating contest (tie this into accounting some how), or pencil-pushing event with a twist—it must be done with participants’ noses. This could be great fun for the whole family.
  7. Staff involvement. Bring a “human” aspect to your firm by asking staff what they love most about summer? Video tape the responses and then share them each week on your website and social media.
  8. Trivia. Trivia is hot, hot, hot! Engage with your clients via email or social media with finance-related trivia. Make this more fun by tying it to trending television shows or finance-related movies. Encourage engagement by sharing the trivia on social media and finding answers on your website.
  9. Travel Tips. Share some travel tips about keeping money safe while traveling—both on your person and in your home or business. Leverage existing news articles about U.S. dollar conversion rates with tips about converting before traveling or how to do so once you arrive. Leverage blog articles from travel writers about the “best bang for your summer dollar” and places to travel.
  10. Money savings. Make money savings fun. Provide tips and budget-friendly guidance on how a family can still enjoy the summer while on a budget. Ask them how they plan for summer activities and what is their best advice for those with young children and saving for summer vacations.

When it comes down to it, summer is a great time to engage with customers because before you know it, the fall will be here and back inside we’ll go. Take advantage of the great weather, the long, summer days, and the chance to engage with your clients in a more casual environment. In the marketing world, that’s called customer relationship management.

What fun, summertime marketing event(s) does your company plan to implement this year? What advice would you give to those doing it for the first time?


Disclaimer: This post originally appeared the in CPA Client Bulletin, © 2015, AICPA. Reprinted by permission.