10 Tips In 10 Minutes

2021 is Penheel Marketing’s 10-year anniversary.Penheel-10-yr-logo-300x300 10 Tips In 10 Minutes

Wow! It seems like yesterday that I was considering this business adventure and now it’s 10 years later.

To help celebrate, I’m creating “10-Tips-In-10-Minutes” posts to help small business owners and CPAs, like you, to be more effective with your marketing and social media efforts. This list will keep growing throughout the year, along with additions like infographics, videos, and how-tos.

Check back often for more fun, informative, and relevant posts.

  1. 10 Reasons Why Social Media Stats Are Important
  2. 10 Actionable Social Media Content Sharing Tips
  3. Incredible 10-Step Instagram Strategy
  4. 10 Ways to Get to Know Your Customers Better
  5. 10 Email List Building Techniques That Get Results
  6. 10 Easy Ways to Overcome Content Development Challenges
  7. Letterman-Like Top-10 Tax Video You Can Make Yourself
  8. 10 Things to Tweet When You’re Stuck for Ideas
  9. 10 Fun Summer Marketing Ideas
  10. 10 Personal Branding Tips Using LinkedIn
  11. 10 Social Media Policy Questions to Consider
  12. Email Isn’t Dead – 10 Tips for Writing Great Subject Lines
  13. 10 Ways to Add Spark to Your Email Campaigns
  14. Is your blog working hard enough?