11 Pop-Up Store Marketing Ideas

PopUp-Marketing-Ideas_GP 11 Pop-Up Store Marketing Ideas You don’t want to commit to an annual lease. I get it. Instead, you open a pop-up store for a special occasion or a few months for a unique promotion. Congratulations on being part of the modern-retail era.

According to PopUp Republic, a social media marketing company, “The top 5 reasons for the customers to visit a pop-up store included finding seasonal products (61%); finding unique services (39%); to shop locally (36%); for optimal pricing (34%); and for a fun experience (30%) respectively.”

How do you get people to your new, temporary location? Here are eleven ideas to help you out.

  1. To create sense of urgency, announce the store opening and when it’s closing on Facebook. Create a Facebook Event page to keep people up to date on what’s happening at the location. Share a lot of photos there.
  2. Boost only the Facebook posts promoting the store each the month. Learn more about boosting posts here.
  3. Create a Google AdWords campaign focused on the pop-up store only with keywords focused on items in the store or its promotion. Consider a geographic buy, focusing on a 25-mile radius or smaller for your audience.
  4. Create a short promotional video about the store opening and closing date. Share it on social media—several times.
  5. Write and share social media posts throughout the month, focusing on the new items, customer experiences, and opportunities at the pop-up store. Also, remember to mention the closing date as the time gets closer.
  6. Email or text message efforts to high-profile clients in your most visited geographic area. Offer them a special shopping day or coupon code to get them into the store. Then send a different code or coupon to your secondary geographic target market, and so on. Track the coupon use with separate codes and online engagement. Tip: Use graphic design tools to help you create stunning coupons, such as Canva.
  7. Have a staff member make calls to VIP clients to let them know about the store opening; what it features; and when it is closing.
  8. Send a press release to local media about the store and why you’re doing a pop-up store. Quotes will be important in this piece. Then invite them to the opening for a sneak peek at what’s going on.
  9. Ask staff to share the store promotion on their own Facebook groups. They can use the company’s Facebook page posts and share them in their personal accounts.
  10. Invest in influencer efforts too, reaching out to those who have a high profile either on social media or in the community and ask them to participate. Offering them a sneak peek, like the media, is a good start. Here are several ways to connect with influencers.
  11. Here’s a costly proposition, but if you have a small demographic you want to impress, consider a unique promotional item, such as a Love Pop card that ties in with your promotion; and mail it to them. There are a lot of promotional items you could choose from. The higher end your store, the more impressive the promotional item should be.

There are a lot of ideas here. Tying them all together with an event calendar will help you to keep track of when promotions are running, which ones are running, and how to track them. Plus, you can tie results back to the dates specific marketing efforts were taking place.

Pop-up stores might seem like a good idea, but without a solid marketing plan, you may find your big idea was just a lot of hot air.