12 Days of SEO

12-days-of-SEO_LI-532x266 12 Days of SEO

Photo: Craig Whitehead

What’s your website done for you lately? Without proper search engine optimization (SEO), it might not be doing anything. Here are 12 things it can do to work harder for you.

Go ahead…sing along.

On the first day of SEO, my website gave to me…

  1. A target market for by brand;
  2. Two hours of research for long-tail keywords;
  3. Three hours of competitive review;
  4. Four photos for my local business listing;
  5. Five golden rules;
  6. Six hours of content development;
  7. Seven new ad ideas for social media and search engines;
  8. Eight new followers on my social media platform;
  9. Nine landing pages to focus leads;
  10. Ten link building sites;
  11. Eleven product sales; and
  12. Twelve leads.

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