12 Fun & Easy Marketing Initiatives for Your Brand

markeing-goals-web 12 Fun & Easy Marketing Initiatives for Your Brand

Photo: Gerd Altmann

If you haven’t put your marketing plan or social media theme schedule together for 2020, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 12 things to consider and/or use in your efforts to increase engagement, to develop leads, and to grow your brand.

  1. Define your business goals and develop marketing initiatives that directly align with them. Then create social media content to support those efforts.
  2. Tell a story about your brand. Behind the scenes, backgrounds, and fun things about your company’s culture are all good starting points.
  3. Share three lucky tips that your clients will love. Find a way to weave them into St. Patrick’s Day to increase brand exposure.
  4. If you haven’t done this by now, claim your Google business listing for your physical location. It’s free and easy to do.
  5. Share tips using video. In this post we share how you can create videos with the tools you already have.
  6. Build partnership through networking and other in-person events, e.g., conferences.
  7. Monitoring your marketing efforts each month helps you gauge what’s working and what not. You might be surprised what you find on your website and social media analytics reports.
  8. Create a new piece of content just in time for back-to-school. What do your clients wish they knew before doing something, e.g., I wish I knew I needed an accountant before starting a business.
  9. Gain and share testimonials on your website and social media to help increase brand awareness and leads.
  10. Host a photo-caption or treats-in-a-jar contest to engage followers. Use Halloween-related hashtags to help expand your reach.
  11. Create and launch a fall-related ad campaign on Google, Bing, or a social media platform. Focus on three things you can do to help your clients end the year on a high note.
  12. Host a toy drive or gift card campaign for those with a physical store.

Now that you have 12 ideas to work with, what will your marketing and/or social media plan look like this year?

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