20 CRM Tips for Small Business Owners

CRM-300x157 20 CRM Tips for Small Business Owners When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), you must have a strategy to support your efforts. Or, you’ll soon find that leads begin to dry up; clients stop calling; and you begin to wonder what happened to your customer relationships?

Below are twenty CRM tips to work into your overall business strategy, no matter what type of business you own.

20 CRM Tips for Small Business Owners

  1. Get sponsorship from leaders
  2. Build a team
  3. Define business objectives
  4. Identify the key customers – including life stages
  5. Identify customer segments
  6. Agree on desired customer behaviors
  7. Define customer experience goals
  8. Create an integrated customer strategy
  9. Define and map data requirements
  10. Standardize data by department
  11. Dialogue with customers (gasp! I know)
  12. Personalize triggered efforts
  13. Develop success metrics
  14. Create customer engagement programs (acquisition, growth, and retention)
  15. Collect data
  16. Test!
  17. Monitor
  18. Automate
  19. Keep it simple
  20. Communicate success

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