20 Favorite Marketing Content Formats

Creating marketing content is time consuming. As a small business owner, non-profit marketer, or CPA, you don’t have the time to keep writing content to draw leads to your site.

Here are 20 marketing content types that can help drive traffic to your site, and that don’t take a lot of time to develop. Remember, content doesn’t have to be lengthy to be valuable.

1. How-to Articles
2. Advice Columns
3. FAQs
4. First-Person Anecdotes
5. Definitions
6. Trends
7. News Compilations
8. Reviews / Recommendations
9. Success Stories
10. Personal Profiles
11. Popular Facts / Figures
12. Lists
13. Where to find…
14. Legislative Briefings
15. Wish Lists
17. Partnerships with other organizations
18. Leadership Perspectives
19. Survey Results
20. Fact vs. Fiction

Tip: Create a content calendar (like the one below) to help you stay on track. It also helps to identify spikes in your website traffic by providing you with a resource to align with that spike.

Your Turn

What is your biggest content development challenge?

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