20 SEO Pitfall to Avoid If You Want to Be Found Online

SEO-scabble-tiles_GP 20 SEO Pitfall to Avoid If You Want to Be Found Online

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Here is a list of pitfalls to be aware of and avoid when considering SEO tactics for your brand, website, content, and marketing efforts:

  1. Keyword Stuffing
  2. Irrelevant Keywords
  3. Quality trumps Quantity
  4. Slow website load times
  5. Overlooking SEO components – meta tags, alt tags, urls, image file names, etc.
  6. Duplicate content on other websites (e.g., buying newsletter content)
  7. Website design
  8. No SEO on your website
  9. Accepting low-quality guest blog posts
  10. Too many ads above the fold
  11. Cloaking (showing different content to the crawlers than what you show to the user)
  12. Paid links of all kinds, especially unreliable ones
  13. Not using Google’s Webmaster Tools
  14. Pull-Down navigation
  15. The same title and description tags on all pages
  16. Using “click here” for links
  17. Too little content on pages
  18. Not having a mobile-friendly site
  19. Spammy footer links
  20. Doorway pages and Linkbaiting (showing content other than what’s expected)

Tip:  Watch “Whiteboard Friday” with Rand Fishkin from Moz for best-practice tips.

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