Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness or lead generation, LinkedIn is generally a good place to put ads for your business. Not only is LinkedIn the “business” social media platform, it also offers a geographic reach to over 200 countries. With over 3 million business pages listed on this platform, there is room for your brand too.

Go ahead. Give it a try in 2014. Here are some tips to help get you started.

Ad Creative

  1. Compelling. Use attention-grabbing words that your audience will respond to.
  2. Action Phrases. Include a call-to-action phrase to alert the viewer to do something, such as “Download Now!,” “Order Today,” “Don’t miss this chance!,” and more.
  3. Images. Even though the final image is 50×50 pixels, the image can be up to 2mg in size. That means create a square image that will be clear and engaging when reduced to these dimensions.
  4. Multiples. Create more than one ad for each campaign. Vary the ad text, call-to-action phrase, and images. This works well when split testing a campaign.

Ad Creative Examples

[image provided by LinkedIn]

LinkedIn_AdSample LinkedIn Advertising Tips for 2014

Target Audience

Did you know you could target LinkedIn audiences by geography, industry, job title, location, and even within groups?

When choosing an audience, try to keep the audience member range between 150,000 – 400,000 people. That doesn’t seem like a lot when comparing it to other online advertising platforms, but LinkedIn allows for such a niche ad campaign, it’s important to know whom you’re targeting for the best ROI.

Once the target is determined, consider multiple campaigns to keep the target in mind. For example, if you are targeting more than one industry, create separate campaigns for each to the messaging is written for the target audience.  Watch this video on creating a LinkedIn Ad Target audience.

Also consider the advanced search feature prior to creating a target audience so you know how large your audience may be and if it’s worth the advertising effort. Watch this LinkedIn Prospecting video for more.

Daily Budget

Determining a monthly and daily budget spend is important when considering this ad platform. LinkedIn offers a bidding range when you select your ad budgets. However, avoid trying to do this on the cheap by placing ad bids below the suggested range. This will only make your ads appear less often then those within or above the suggested range.

Here’s an example.

LinkedIn-PPC-Budget LinkedIn Advertising Tips for 2014





Ads are shown throughout the day based on a predetermined frequency by LinkedIn. For example, 50 percent of the ads may be shown in the morning, 20 percent in the afternoon, and 30 percent at night. Once the daily budget is reached, the ads stop showing.

Example: Your ad bid is $3.00 and the daily budget is $24.00. That means the ads would allow for eight clicks in the day. That may also mean you could have thousands of ad impressions per day. On the other hand, if you pay by impressions versus by ad, say $3.00 per 1,000 impressions, for a daily budget of $24.00, the ads would stop running at 8,000 impressions. Not matter how many clicks.

Tip: Use the CPC (cost-per-click) model to increase leads and drive traffic to your landing page. Use the CPI (cost-per impression) or CPM (cost-per-thousand) model to drive brand awareness.

Remember, on this platform, Wednesday is the highest trafficked day of the week. Consider a campaign that only runs on Wednesday with a higher budget if that’s an important factor in your marketing plan.

How it Works

Once the ads have been created, established the daily budget, and determined the target audience, the ads will begin to display. Ads that receive more clicks will be shown more often. If you want to slow those ads, simply turn them to “off.” Make a note in your calendar to turn them back on and to monitor the other ads

Ad rotation can also be set within the campaign. This allows for ads to be served more evenly, without priority based on click. When would you do this? When you’re running a branding campaign with ads promoting more than one service or product.

Pay close attention to your campaign. If ad click-thru rates are too low or are getting no clicks at all, the ads will stop running. In that instance, you need new creative and may need to create new campaign, depending on how long the ads have not been performing.

Optimal click-thru rates for LinkedIn ads are 0.25, which is much lower than Google or Bing ads. So even though you may be getting better click-thru on other platforms, note the difference in optimizations numbers and status for this platform. Be prepared to expand upon the reasoning with those who will be reading the reports.


  • Bid on the higher end of the suggested range.
  • Keep the target audience between 150,000 – 400,000.
  • Note that a good click-thru rate is 0.25 or better.
  • Monitor ads to ensure the system doesn’t turn them off due to poor performance.
  • Split campaigns based on the industry or target audience demographics.
  • Avoid doing this on the “cheap” and invest a reasonable budget.
  • Follow ad creative best practices and calls-to-action.

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LinkedIn Advertising Tips for 2014

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