3 Little-Known Ways to Accessorize Your Brand

Accessorize-your-brand_website 3 Little-Known Ways to Accessorize Your Brand  We know what accessories are when it comes to fashion – neckties, jewelry, shoes, etc. – but do you know how to accessorize your brand?

It may not seem obvious, and you’re probably doing it every day. Here are some ways you can accessorize your brand in ways the makes your target market take notice.


When posting on social media, creating a blog on your site, or developing online or traditional ads, imagery is a must these days. When done well, an image can convey a lot about a brand, including the:

  • Feeling you want people to have when they experience your brand.
  • Representing of your brand, for example, if you specialize in working with small businesses, use imagery that conveys small businesses and the people who run them.
  • Subliminal hints about your brand colors, meaning, and vision. When brand specialists work with companies, they often ask about their target market; why the colors for the brand were chose and what they represent; and if there are messages you want people to understand about the brand through images, such as “dog-loving company.”


When describing your brand, is it conversational, humorous, serious, conservative, etc.? Knowing the answer to this question helps you to formulate the right tone of your messages, social media posts, blog articles, and content.


The M&M® candies are humorous, though there is a serious candy among the bunch – Ms. Brown. They are primary and secondary colors and evoke a sense of fun. The language each candy uses represents a tone for the candy as well as an image. If I said “Yellow” in reference to the candy, you probably know what he sounds like; that it’s a male; and he’s really goofy. If I said “Red” again you can probably visualize him and know what he sounds like.

PetSmart® is a brand that uses pet humor in its social media posts. It’s the kind of humor pet lovers understand and expect. But, if you’re not a pet lover, you may not always get the humor, not understand the nuances of their posts.


If you have a “face” for your brand, it’s crucial that person represents your brand effectively and has similar values as the brand. If there is a disconnect, it could alienate your audience.


You’re company is hosting a golf outing and decides having a comedian as the event headliner is a good idea. However, you haven’t really spent a lot of time vetting this comedian because he/she came highly recommended. On the day of the event, the comedian tells off-color jokes and offends a great deal of those attending the event. What would you do?

What it boils down to…

Knowing how to accessorize your brand is just as important as creating the brand name, choosing its colors, and developing the logo.

Choose the right images, tone, and people to represent your brand effectively.


  1. Create an image library so those who distribute your messages and social media posts know what images are pre-approved. Make sure there are quite a few images or your audience will grow bored of seeing the same ones over and over.
  2. Develop a scenario of what your brand sounds like. Many marketing directors/team create a tone document that demonstrates how something should be written versus how it should not be written.
  3. Outline a list of characteristics a spokesperson should possess to represent your brand. This goes for both internal and external representation.

Now that you have the tips, how will you accessorize your brand?

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