A Six-Step Process to Write Web Content Quickly and Easily

Conent-Development-300x199 A Six-Step Process to Write Web Content Quickly and Easily  Having good, quality content on your company’s website and to share in social media isn’t just a fad. It’s a must have.

Below is a formula you can use to quickly write content for your site, to share in social media, and to create multiple pieces of content from that single piece.

Here’s how.

The goal is to keep the content short, clear, and actionable. Here is the six-step process you can use daily, weekly, or monthly to keep your company’s website content fresh.

  1. Pick a headline from the headline formula ideas below.
  2. Write 1-2 subheadings that could support the headline.
  3. Create 1-2 bulleted or numbered lists that could be used in the piece.
  4. Keep each paragraph short (2-3 sentences).
  5. Remember to leverage “we” and “you” words (people words), and infuse keywords in the copy.
  6. Use a call to action to engage the reader to do more, such as click on additional resources that are housed on your site, complete a download, register for a webinar, etc.

It sounds pretty simple right?

It’s not meant to be a brain-buster, but rather to be something you can implement quickly with engagement and lead-generating potential.

Headline Formulas

According to David Ogilvy, on average, headlines are read nearly five times as often as the body copy? That’s a lot of pressure when it comes to creating headlines. Here are some tips and examples you can use to write headlines that get read.

  • “How to” headlines, like “How to Defer Income and Increase Deductions”
  • Number headlines, such as “5 Charitable Deductions You Can Claim Now.” Tip: Using odd numbers and nothing over 15 works well.
  • Negative headlines, similar to “Don’t Overpay on Your Taxes Again”
  • Question headlines increase interest, like “Do You Know How to Spot a Scam?”
  • Time-sensitive headlines generate clicks, such as “There’s Only 2 Days Left – Are You Ready?”


  • [Number] Easy Steps You Can Take to [do something], e.g., “3 Easy Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Tax Return”
  • [Do something] like [world-class example], e.g., “Blog for Your Firm Like a Writing Pro”
  • A Simple Way to [desired result] That Works for [desired group/person], e.g., “A Simple Way to Save Money That Works for Single Parents”
  • How to [desired result] Like [world class example], e.g., “How to Invest Like Buffet”
  • [Number] Ways to [do something] – Tips for [desired group/person], e.g., “5 Ways to Save Money – Tips for College-Bound Students”

Remember, a keyword or phrase is important. Keep it in mind and make sure it’s in the headline, because when it comes down to it, the headline may be the only thing someone reads.


3 Simple Ways to Save Money That Works for Single Parents

If you could save more money, what would you use it for? No matter what you need to save for, know that you can do it.

Here are three simple things you can do to help save more money this year to help you reach your goals.

  1. Create a Monthly Budget. If you don’t know where your money is going, you won’t know how to find ways to save it. With a monthly budget, you can manage your spending habits more effectively. Consider using one of our budgeting calculators to help you get started. [Add a link to this sentence.]
  2. Spend Time Comparative Shopping. Shop around for prices before buying big-ticket items, but also consider doing research on smaller items. With today’s mobile apps, you can often scan a bar code and find retailer pricing for just about anything.
  3. Utilize Automatic Transfers. If you don’t see the money, sometimes you don’t realize it’s there. Ask your bank about automatic savings transfers and how it could work with your paycheck or from your checking account. For amounts as little at $5 per week or $10 per month can add up over time.

How It Works

When you’re in the mindset to save, you’ll be amazed how quickly it can happen and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Creating a simple plan that doesn’t feel like it’s hurting too much is what will help you to be successful.

Why It Works

When you don’t see the money, you get used to it “not being there.” That’s the beauty of it.

For those who struggle with monthly budgeting, it might be time to work with a budgeting professional. Reach out to us to help you streamline spending and to find ways to save. Call today at 888.555.1212 and let’s start saving together.

Bonus Tip

Once the piece is written, create multiple pieces from it, such as a tip sheet, infographic, slide deck that can be saved as a video, podcast, or even a 15 – 30-minute webinar. The content’s already written. Now it’s time to leverage it into multiple pieces that can be used in email, on social media, and in lead generation opportunities.

Your Turn

Now that you have the tips, what will be some of the first topics you write about?

Additional Resources

Disclaimer: This post originally appeared in the CPA Client Bulletin Resource Guide, © 2016, AICPA. Reprinted by permission.


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