2021 Content Development Strategy for CPAs

content-development-strategy 2021 Content Development Strategy for CPAs

You’re about to launch into a new year. Have you been thinking about your business goals? I hope so.

Once you have them nailed down, consider how marketing and social media can support those efforts. Here is a simple content development strategy that can help your firm reach its goals throughout the year.

  1. Begin with three to five business goals, such as increase revenue by 10% in the cash flow service line before 2022.
  2. Then, develop monthly marketing and social media content themes that support your firm’s business goals.
  3. After that, plan, develop, and deploy your efforts.

Here’s a sample plan for a firm with several service lines.

Content-Monthly-Themes 2021 Content Development Strategy for CPAs

  1. Create or use existing content related to the monthly theme
  2. Generate a landing page for the lead-gen content element (tip sheets, worksheet, ebook, checklist, etc.)
  3. Share via email to clients
  4. Post on social media
  5. Launch an ad campaign that directs back to the landing page
  6. Include the landing page link in email signatures
  7. Ask employees to share company posts on personal profiles
  8. Develop Video script
  9. Host webinar on the topic

Keep in mind, every piece of content that someone at your firm spends time creating, promoting, or tracking should be associated with a business goal. Otherwise, you’re just creating noise.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post social media content that is more “human” or “personal.” Yes, incorporate that into your monthly social media posting calendar too.

Consider a 3:5 ratio schedule of your content three times a week to the five days you’re posting.

Keep this 9-Step list handy by downloading this graphic.

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