2021 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

digital-marketing-532x266-1 2021 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

If you’re looking for a new way to spruce up your marketing efforts in 2021, here are a dozen things you can do. Download this handy infographic for reference.

  1. Escalate SEO Using Intent Keywords
  2. Co-Host a Webinar
  3. Embrace Video Marketing
  4. Conduct and Publish Original Research
  5. Implement Dynamic Web Pages
  6. Optimize Content for Featured Snippets
  7. Gain Exposure Using HARO
  8. Promote with a Micro-Influencer
  9. Share Detailed Value, Up Front
  10. Use Power Words in Email Subject (Headline) Lines
  11. Remarket to Capture Lost Leads
  12. Publish Experience-Driven Articles on LinkedIn

Let me know which ones you tackle and how effectively they worked for you.