3 Fun Ways to Announce Your Brand to the World

3-ways-branding_LI 3 Fun Ways to Announce Your Brand to the World

Your firm is announcing a brand change, whether that’s a logo update, website revision, or big, corporate ta do. Here are a few, fun ways to get clients and social media followers involved.

Scavenger or Treasure Hunts

Provide clients and social media followers with a series of clues they can find answers to on your new website and in social media. You could even create a logic-based game on the website that “opens” additional clues to new information. If you have a WordPress site, there are many scavenger-hunt plugins you can implement for free or for a small fee. Search for “scavenger hunt plugin” in your Admin panel > Plugins to find a list of available tools.

A prize could be offered for the first- and second-place winners, something simple like 10 percent off their next service with your firm or a free consultation for a new service you’re launching.

Why use this engagement method?

It gives immediate user engagement to those who decide to play and you can watch what’s happening real time or over a period of time. If they loved the experience, they will share what’s happening with their friends and family. If you offer them a unique event hashtag, you can follow it more easily in your social and website analytics.

Example: Find Red (M&Ms)

This video example shows how Google worked with M&Ms to launch a new mapping route in the Toronto area. It’s a unique way to engage your audience by placing clues on social media, offering tips on the website, and asking people to find the icon in their city. You could do something similar with your logo, brand mascot, or something else related to your firm’s history, like a life-sized cardboard cutout of a founder placed in client locations around your office.

Photo Collages

This is a fun way to engage people of all ages to incorporate your logo into their lives. For example, provide them with a downloadable version of your logo (with a copyright seal of course) they can use to make a cutout. They can then use it over a period of time (e.g., summer, fall, holiday, etc.) for places they travel, events they attend, or with food they love. Ask them to submit photos on your website or via social media channels.

Consider a theme for the contest. Limit the file size so posts don’t become overwhelming. Use social media followers and client votes to choose a contest winner. Offer a tax-free prize that users would love to have (like a swag bag or client-related gift cards).

Why use this engagement method?

With camera phones readily available, it’s an easy way for people to snap and upload content. Providing a downloadable and printable image for your firm or offering a filter for Instagram or Snapchat is also an easy win-win for players. Besides that, it’s simple, easy, and fun for the whole family.

Example: 10 Simple Photo Contest Ideas

In this post from Marden-Kane Digital Promotions, they list 10 simple photo contests you could use to increase brand awareness and social media engagement.


There are dozens of branding contest ideas that help to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and grow your social media following. The challenge with them is narrowing down the type of contest you might want to have that correlates to your firm.

In my experience, contests that generate good will are often beneficial to the firm, as well as the recipient. An example might be to create an adopt-a-pet program where the office hosts the pet adoption (and maybe brings the pet into the office) and the contest would be to name the pet. It would require a back story, pet characteristics, and life-in-the-day type of promotion. The contest winner would get a chance to meet the pet he/she helped name.

Another thought is to tie it to a cause that the firm supports. Ask your followers to consider how they could help improve something in their community that supports a cause and then submit a short story on what they did (with resources to check facts). Promote all the stories and then let clients and social media followers vote on the stories to determine a winner. All stories are promoted and the causes are identified. It’s a highlight a hero campaign.

How does it increase your firm’s brand? People remember those who promote others. It also gives you a chance to promote the firm’s corporate governance program.

Why use this engagement method?

It has heart and helps to shed light on the good that people are doing. It’s also a nice way to demonstrate how people of all ages are contributing to their communities in ways other’s may be have thought about. Basically, it’s a feel-good campaign that reinforces your firm’s culture.

Example: How to Choose Contests to Build Your Brand

Huffington Post shared this post about branding contests a few years ago that is still very relevant. It offers a variety of programs you can use to promote your brand, while making it fun for your community.

Now that you have three, new ways to promote your brand, how will your firm share its new look and feel with its audience?

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