3 Reasons Why Marketing is Sweeter Than Valentine’s

Chocolates_300x300-300x300 3 Reasons Why Marketing is Sweeter Than Valentine's February is traditionally the month of romance, flowers, candy, and such; but what it should really be about is marketing!

Here are three reasons marketing is sweeter than Valentine’s Day for your business.

  1. It’s cheaper than a dozen, long-stem roses and sticks around a lot longer. Go ahead give a PPC campaign a try for the same cost you’d spend on those flowers. Run the campaign for two weeks, which is longer than most roses last. Then, evaluate the traffic coming to your site during the campaign compared to when you’re not using a campaign. Remember to focus on one goal, such as a service line or industry. Also, create 7 – 10 text ads for your campaign, including a call to action to drive traffic to your site.
  2. We all love a bit of romance on the big day, but what if it doesn’t happen? Marketing is not something that should be highlighted one day a year. It’s something that you should think about, nurture, and grow all year long—some would say the same for romance.
  3. When you get a box of candy, you might play the game of “what do you think that one tastes like?” With marketing, it should not be a guessing game, but rather a more a strategic plot you hone all year long. First, you develop the plan. Then you review the successes and challenges. And finally, you adjust the plan to create success.

So, what have we learned?

Rather than spending a short amount of time – like a holiday – on your marketing plan, hone the effort all year long.

Review progress and change things up to ensure you’re meeting your firm’s business goals.

Then, continue to wine and dine your marketing efforts to help it bring you the success you desire.

What steps will you take to focus on marketing initiatives all year long?