5 Call-to-Action Copy Tips to Get People Responding

Call-to-Action 5 Call-to-Action Copy Tips to Get People Responding Have you ever thought you had great ad copy for your latest digital marketing campaign, only to be disappointed in the results?

The tips below may help you or your marketing team to write compelling call-to-action copy that gets the results you’ve been looking for.

  1. Verbs & Subjects: Leveraging the power of verbs—words that express action—helps draw attention among elusive readers. Verbs used in Twitter, for instance, are re-Tweeted more often than those without.
  2. Include Numbers: Break through the clutter with simple numbers that make sense. Be specific, and set expectations with those numbers.
  3. Avoid Adverbs: Limit the use of adverbs—words that answers questions such as “how,” “when,” “where,” “how much.” If you feel you must use adverbs, use them only if they aid in understanding the message.
  4. Use 90-150 Characters: Every online ad medium or email subject line has a limit as to how much copy can be included in it. One thing to keep in mind is the ability to forward the message or to share it via other media. For example, when considering Tweets, stay around 120 characters, even though you 140 to play with. This allows space for someone else’s handle, hashtag, etc. to be incorporated, with possible backlink opportunities.
  5. Use Practical Language: The less technical language used in a call-to-action piece the more response you may receive. List the benefits, how it is a value add, and keep it at that. The more technical, the less often the marketing piece will be shared.

Examples of good call-to-action copy:

  • Verbs & Subjects in a Tweet: “Lose 10 Pounds Now!”
  • Include Numbers in an email subject line: “[First Name] – 8 Customer Service Tips that Work”
  • Practical Language in an online ad: “Need a Bluetooth Headset? Compare all Bluetooth headsets and find one compatible with your phone.”

One thing to keep in mind with all these tips is to Test…Test…Test!

Even when an ad or subject line does well, there are ways to tweak it to keep the idea fresh and to repurpose the content. Keep track of what’s working and what’s not as well. This running log will help you and your marketers to see what’s been tried and not been as successful as you’d like.

Have you had a great call-to-action marketing success? Share your tips with us today.

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