5 Marketing Content Ideas for the Busy Months

Busy-Business 5 Marketing Content Ideas for the Busy Months When you’re business is busy, the last thing you may be thinking about is marketing content. However, the worst time to think about it is when you’re not busy.

Keeping your company, and/or personal brand circulating on the Internet is a great way to increase search engine rankings, and people’s ability to find you when they need you; not when you need them.

Rather than trying to create new content when you’re busy, consider ways to re-purpose the content you already have. For inspiration, leverage existing content others may post and information shared by associations and groups where you are a member.

Consider these five examples:

  1. Evergreen content, such as content that stays relevant and timely. Share it again. Freshen it up with a new photo. Post it on social media. Schedule it in a monthly email to clients and prospects.
  2. Review your most popular website blog posts for the year. Then, send out a “Best Of” list at the end of the year. Consider creating a whitepaper or downloadable using a lead generation form to help increase leads and conversions. Or, use a short list, like five items, and place it as a sidebar item in a client email.
  3. How-To articles are usually a hit with readers. Keep the list small, and use odd numbers in the title, such as “5 ways to Save…”, “3 Tips To Prepare…”, and “7 Pitfalls to Avoid…”.
  4. Leverage presentations by breaking them up into “snackable” items, such as video clips. Then post the clips on the company’s website, in emails, and in social media posts. Making video is much easier than it used to be. Consider Google Hangouts™ or other tools to do a screen share and record the voice-over to make a quick, two- to three-minute “how to” video.
  5. Refresh and re-post older blog posts. You may have older content from blogs or emails that hasn’t been refreshed in a couple years, but was very popular when first released. Dust that off and add a new photo and re-post if it’s still relevant.

Put a few, strategic elements into place to help you tackle the busy months. Take the time to:

  1. Review what you already have;
  2. Highlight the best pieces;
  3. Re-purpose the good content;
  4. Create a plan;
  5. Implement that plan;
  6. Track the success.

Remember, even though you’re busy, it’s harder to gain momentum once it’s lost than to keep it going once you have it.

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