5 Post Busy Season Online Ad Tips

Now that busy season is coming to a close for tax professionals, it’s time for another busy season—marketing your firm. Using online advertising is a great way to keep your firm’s name in top search engines.

Here are five, online ad tips, or SEM, for placement in Google AdWords, Facebook ads, or Bing AdWords, to promote your firm.

  1. Create ad headlines that mirror customer issues, such as “Dealing with Taxes?” Keep the headline to 25 characters.
  2. Avoid terms like “free” and “cheap.” They lessen the value of the services your firm is offering. Instead, use terms like “value add” or “quality”.
  3. Create landing pages that convert. It’s so important to the online-ad-buying experience that when someone clicks the ad, he/she lands on a page that triggers and action or conversion on his/her part. In this case, use a landing page that allows someone to schedule a consultation. Keep the page simple, with a short paragraph about what you’re offering. Add an engaging image. Include three bullet points listing benefits or outcomes from contacting you. Also, include a form that may be tracked via your email or analytics software.
  4. Do some recon. You can use the free tool iSpionage to find competitors’ ads, landing pages, and budgets for up to the top 10 ads running. Tip: It’s also great for idea generation.
  5. Use real numbers in ads to be more convincing. For example, if your firm saved business clients over $1 million in taxes in 2014, use that!

Example Ad

March-Blog_Tax-ad-sample-300x88 5 Post Busy Season Online Ad Tips




Sample Landing Page

In this landing page sample, simpler is better.March-Blog-landing-page-sample 5 Post Busy Season Online Ad Tips

  • Avoid cluttering the page with copy;
  • Use a clear, crisp image or graphic to grab attention;
  • Keep the form reasonably short;
  • Collect information that allows you to contact a person directly either via phone or email; and
  • Use an effective call to action.

Remember, even when you’re busy it’s important to keep marketing. It’s easier to hire more people than to find more clients.

Your Turn

What online advertising tips do you have for busy season?


Disclaimer: This post originally appeared in the CPA Client Bulletin, © 2015, AICPA. Reprinted by permission.