5 Simple St. Patrick’s Day Content Ideas for CPAs

St-Patricks-Day-content-ideas 5 Simple St. Patrick’s Day Content Ideas for CPAs

Image: Barbara A Lane

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Rather than simply sharing a nice quote or fun beer-related image, here are five content alternatives you can whip up quickly to share.

  1. Share three tips your clients can use. Reference a three-leafed clover or shamrock in your content or headline.
  2. Create an infographic or short video highlighting four tips your customers can use. If making an infographic, use a four-leaf clover in the background or border. If making a video, use Irish-themed music.
  3. Pots of gold are popular among Irish images, but how can that apply to your business? Here are some suggestions:
    • Lottery winning taxes
    • How is gold recorded on a balance sheet?
    • Accounting golden rules for small business owners, or
    • Tips from your parents that were as good as gold.
  4. The tree of life could be the inspiration for an estate planning piece. Tying the information back to the tree is a good way to connect the content to St. Patrick’s Day.
  5. A leprechaun is a shoe cobbler who partake in mischief. A fun way to incorporate them is to talk about fraud, embezzlement, or employee classification (or mis-classification).

Now, aren’t you lucky to have these five tips?

Which will you use in your St. Patrick’s Day content?