5 Social Media Headline Formulas That Generate More Clicks

Headlines-that-make-you-click_w-border 5 Social Media Headline Formulas That Generate More Clicks When it comes to social media engagement, think of your accounting firm’s (or any company) post headlines like newspaper headlines. If you cannot grab readers with the headline, you’ve already lost them.

Here are some social media headline formulas you can use to help increase clicks to your website, content, registrations, and downloads.

  1. 8 words plus a link: example, “Free Webinar: Awesome Quickbooks Payroll Tips and Tricks yourlink.com”
  2. Social proof headlines: example from the AICPA, “Studies show people w/ flexibility to work where they want performed as well as employees w/ a traditional schedule http://spr.ly/6017Bd8BW”
  3. Threat headlines: example from @IRSNews, “Don’t let the April 18th #tax deadline sneak up on you! Get your taxes done for free #IRSFreeTaxPrep. http://go.usa.gov/cXuqJ”
  4. Gain headlines: example “Read this an in 5 minutes you’ll know how to reconcile more than one bank account in #Quickbooks. [link]”
  5. Question headlines: example from @MarketWatch, “Guess which 65-year-old billionaire put this at the top of his reading list? #WorldBookDay on.mktw.net/1LCj3v2”

Bonus Tip

Rather than making a headline a statement, jazz it up using one of these tips.

  • Include “how to” in the headline to draw interest.
  • Communicate an aspect of time in the headline to create a sense of urgency.
  • Add fascination to tease the reader with curiosity.

Now that you have the formulas, which will your firm begin using?

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Disclaimer: This post originally appeared in the CPA Client Bulletin Resource Guide, © 2016, AICPA. Reprinted by permission.