5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

If there was a profession made for social media marketing, it was the real estate profession. This week I had the privilege of speaking with a group of realtors about how social media marketing could be incorporated into their marketing efforts.

The Stats

These statistics, from Realtor.org and Real Estate Social, give a good overview of how real estate agents have take to social media and how it’s use is impacting their business.

  • 89% of realtors use social media to some extent.
  • 84% of prospective buyers contact a real estate agent to find information on available properties. An equal percentage of buyers also search the Internet.
  • 96% of Generation Y uses social media sites. In fact, they outnumber the baby boomers. Realtors need to remember that this group will be their target audience in a few years.
  • Home buyers who use the Internet take just over two weeks to find the real estate of their choice. In contrast, traditional buyers take close to two months to make a decision.
  • Online buyers are clear about what kind of property they are looking for, making it easier and quicker to complete a deal.

Getting Started

As with any business owner’s marketing, you want to take the right approach to your social media marketing efforts before jumping in with both feet.

  1. Objectives: You want to be social and relevant. The desire is to build relationships and increase the bottom line. Defining objectives helps to focus your efforts and helps you to avoid wasting time.
  2. Strategy: You want to draw in prospects; plant seeds with potential customers; and gain repeat business.
  3. Tactics: In many cases, you want to reach a lot of people with regularity and with a good message. The key here is the message. Share insights about the homes and offer tips that people can use before, during, and after a sale. The end game is to provide industry information and tips that people may not be getting from any other realtor.

Social Media Profile Tips

It’s important to know what social media platform(s) you want to begin with before getting started. In the real estate profession, many agents are already on LinkedIn. Making that profile as robust as possible and creating a content calendar with daily or weekly posts to promote that profile will help in search engine optimization efforts.

With an effective and consistent social marketing plan, your real estate business can take advantage of the vast amount of opportunity that exists in social networks.

  1. Set up and complete your profile(s) on one or more platforms.
  2. Post original and relevant content.
  3. Focus on your business, but share customer-focused tips.
  4. Determine interval goals, time and day for posting.
  5. Point to a branded website such as your branch website.

Real Estate Agent Social Media Examples


House4Sale_Twitter 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents Twitter offers realtors an opportunity to engage locally, nationally, and internationally with customers and leads. It can be a great way to promote properties to a broader audience and offers you the ability to get links and traffic to your site.


  • Spend time listening to what people in your community and in your niche are talking about. This helps to guide your messages so that you may comfortably engage in the conversation.
  • Add a hashtag to your tweets so your content appears in search results, such as #house4sale. You can use hashtags for a specific location, which helps to focus your tweets locally and to follow conversations, e.g., #btv = Burlington, Vermont.


LinkedInApril-Hartman_LI-profile 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

The most popular business networking social media sites, LinkedIn is a great opportunity to connect with people looking to buy a home, sell a property, or to search for leads.

In this example, April’s profile is complete, keyword focused, and relevant. She includes:

  • A professional photo
  • “Real Estate Agent” in the title
  • The geographic location for listings
  • A customized LinkedIn contact URL
  • A link to her website
  • Keywords to help target a search, such as “New Jersey,” “Real Estate,” “Buying and Selling,” “Realtor Magazine,” “New construction specialist,” and “Coldwell Banker”


Stillwagon_Pinterest-Acct 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents This relative new comer to the social media playing field is a wide-open range of opportunity for an agent. This photo-sharing-pin-board platform makes it easy for people to search for homes, room styles, furniture layouts, town images, and so much more.

In this example, you can see how one agent is using this platform to showcase many things for clients, including homes in New Jersey, architectural ideas, bathroom ideas, kitchen layouts, and so much more. Even if you’re not in the market for a new home, you can get a lot of ideas from Paul’s boards. With nearly 9,000 images and 77 pinboards to choose from, Paul is making the most of this platform and is a best practice example of how to do it right.


Janet-Rosini-Facebook 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents Though Facebook is losing some of it’s sparkle, it is still the largest social media platform in the world with over 1 billion users. In this example, Janet has done many things right, such as:

  • Completing the business page profile
  • Using a nice cover photo
  • Highlighting a property in the news feed
  • Offering tips to page visitors
  • Providing a link to her agent profile
  • Posting a map to her office location

In addition to the business page profile setup, consider adding these elements to your page to help make it stand apart from the competition:

  • Share listings using photos, video, and information.
  • Create events around open houses using the “Events” feature on this platform. Then send invitations to specific people you think might be interested in the open house.
  • Share an event on your personal Facebook page to increase engagement.

All of these efforts help to increase the organic, or natural, search results for your brand, as well as for your company’s brand.

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Your Turn

What tips would you share with real estate agents just getting started in social media marketing?

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    1. Becky – thanks for the mention and also tremendously well-written article here. A true resource for all things search engine optimization and social media for real estate agents. One thing we are doing for many of our search engine optimization clients now is creating for them a slideshare profile. As one of the more popular websites on the Internet and very business related, we’ve seen very good traction from this site. We also tend to use pictures to a fair amount. If the client is very visual – perfect for real estate agents. Keep up the excellent writing and thanks again!

    2. Ralph – Thanks for the input about SlideShare. I completely forgot to mention it, but it too is a great resource to help people view a property. Thank you for the insight.

    3. If you were to pick only one platform to use for social media, which one would it be?

      I only ask because from my experience in marketing, I can only focus on one platform at a time.

      For example, I use Youtube to market my self and then I use facebook to compliment my Youtube marketing.

      I find it very hard to manage all the social networks. I do outsource some but each one really has a different marketing approach.

      Your stats are very good as they really tell everyone in the real estate business that it is important to be on social media.


      • Hi Mitch,
        The best way to determine what platform to be on is to know where your “people” or target audiences are. In order to focus on more than one platform at a time, consider using a tool, such as HootSuite to help you manage multiple accounts. What you’re doing is a good approach – focusing on one platform and using another to promote what you’re doing. Check your website analytics to identify the referral sources for how people find you site. If other social networks are primary referral sources consider using them as well. But don’t spread yourself too thin.

    4. I think social media is the best option for real estate agents to engage with their customers locally or internationally and it depends upon the agents that which social media marketing he prefer.

      • I agree. Social media is a great way for agents to engage with current customers, new customers, and to increase search rankings for their brand. Thanks for the comment.

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