5 Traits Marketers and Horses Have in Common

Horses-white-in-the-wild_sm 5 Traits Marketers and Horses Have in Common In my book, horses have a lot of great qualities and strengths. But, what does that have to do with marketing? Let’s saddle up for a moment and take a look.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, people born in the year of the horse have great communication skills, and in their community want to be the center of attention. As marketers, we too need to have great communication skills, and also desire our client to be the center of attention.

Like those born under the horse sign, marketers are:

  • Clever
  • Often kind to one another
  • Flock to be with like kind
  • Talk too much

People perceive us as cheerful, perceptive, talented, and sometimes stubborn. To top it all off, like those born under this sign, we like entertainment, enjoy large crowds, are popular among friends, and are engaged at work.

Some of our shortfalls, though I call them insights, include:

  • Resisting constraints
  • Impatient and hot-blooded
  • Independent
  • Rarely listens to advice
  • Flamboyant by nature
  • Lacking budgetary efficiency
  • Moving in glamorous circles
  • Pursuing high-profile careers

In the end, what does this have to do with marketing? Five things make me want to kick up my heals, including:

  1. Working with creative people helps those less-creative people to think outside the horse arena. We help you to see beyond the current state toward the future state and help to bring you clients you may have not found elsewhere.
    hersey-kisses-logo-small 5 Traits Marketers and Horses Have in Common
  2. Because we have flamboyant tendencies, we can see colors and shapes where others may not. For example, look at the negative space in the Hershey® Kisses® logo fedex-logo-small 5 Traits Marketers and Horses Have in Common and tell me what you see? How about that, there’s a little kiss in there. Or, the Federal Express logo, do you see the arrow? [images courtesy of Twisted Sifter.com]
  3. If you’ve ever been to a marketing brainstorming session, things can get a little crazy. That’s how we like it. Among all those crazy ideas, some of the best marketing campaigns come to life. Here are the Top 10 Best Marketing Campaigns of 2016, according to the Brandwatch.Pretty cool stuff, right?
  4. Our communication skills allow us to listen and hear what your goals are, and translate them into an actionable marketing plan that helps you to reach those goals. We have to know different industries, niche audiences, demographics, and analytics. What it boils down to is communicating with your clients at their time of need, providing them with the right solution, and executing the idea in the right way.
  5. We are passionate about what we do and can be stubborn too. Being passionate about marketing means we are thinking of innovative ways to help your brand succeed. We are looking at every-day situations, events, messages, and more to see how we can take it further to help make your brand stand out.

Your Turn

What are some of the most interesting traits you’ve found in your marketing team?