5 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Referral Efforts

5-ways-to-grow-through-referral-efforts-300x226 5 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Referral Efforts When you ask most accountants or business owners how they grow their business, most respond with “word of mouth.”

But, how are they doing it?

The main factor is trust. When someone refers you to another, you base your engagement decision on trust. The pillars of a successful referral program include quality products and services, along with outstanding client care.

Creating the Plan

  1. Nurture relationships that have worked well for you in the past. Thank them for their referrals and find out more about their business so you can reciprocate as well.
  2. Launch a co-hosted event or create co-produced content so you can shine alongside a company or person who has referred business to you before. Then make that event/content shareable on social media.
  3. Make it safe and easy for people to refer others to you, whether that’s with a simple website form or survey. Add a “Refer” navigational item to your website with details about the program. Share the information in client emails, at events, and on high-profile staff members’ social media profiles.
  4. Identify the WIIFM – what do people get when they refer clients to you? This doesn’t have to be costly, for example it might be free (or pre-release) admission to your next event, webinar, seminar, or video series.
  5. Take the time to thank your referrals with a simple item, such as a written thank you note or small gift as a token of your appreciation.

How will you reward clients who refer others to you?

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Disclaimer: This post originally appeared in the CPA Client Bulletin Resource Guide, © 2016, AICPA. Reprinted by permission.