7 Summer Marketing Tips Make for Great Fall Leads

Summer-Marketing-Tips 7 Summer Marketing Tips Make for Great Fall Leads As the summer months begin, consider ways that you can get out of your office and connect with new leads for an increase in later summer and early fall engagements. Here are several summer marketing tips to consider:

  1. Reconnect. If you’re using LinkedIn or other networking sites, consider ways to re-engage with your community by posting stories from your blog, commenting on articles and discussions, and attending open networking events.
  2. Event Hop. Attend customer-industry conferences. Become more active with the local Chamber of Commerce. Consider offering events of your own, inviting clients and referrals to a summer bar-b-que or cocktail hour at a nice place.
  3. Summer Announcements: Send a mailer or email to current clients, leads, and prospects an update about what your company’s working on; how it’s expanding; and checklists for what they should be doing in the summer to prepare early fall and winter.
  4. Off-Peak Specials. If summer is your slow time, offer a slightly discounted rate for consultations, services, and group events, such as webinars or conferences.
  5. Research. The slower season is a great time to conduct prospecting research and marketing initiatives to support it. Define a new market. Set a budget for research and marketing. Outline the marketing plan. Encourage help by leveraging the skill set of interns.
  6. Charity. Investigate opportunities in your community to sponsor events, host a vendor table, or donations for an organization. In many cases, your company’s name gets mentioned in the charitable organization’s marketing materials. Be sure to have attractive signage and a clear marketing message so people who see your information make a connection immediately.
  7. Plan. Consider the budget, time, and resources needed to accomplish at least one of these tips. Plan the date and work backward from there. For example, if you’re planning an August golf outing, begin the announcement process in June, with reminders every few weeks encouraging sign-ups and donations – if you want to tie it to a charitable cause.

What marketing events will your company engage in this summer in preparation for fall activity?