7 Ways to Increase Your Online Visibility Within Days

7-ways-to-increase-online-visibility_FB-300x251 7 Ways to Increase Your Online Visibility Within Days What is SEO? Why is it important?

SEO = Website Optimization with No Dough

See how the “o” is carried through here? SEO. Optimization. No dough. Alliteration works remarkably well for me. So, I’m sharing it with you.

Technically, SEO isn’t free. You spend time, energy, and resources to ensure you’re doing all you can on your web site, behind the scenes, to increase search rankings naturally, both on your site and on search engine crawlers.

Ways you can increase your online visibility, within days:

  1. Know who your target market is (buyer persona)
  2. Research keywords associated with your product, brand, service, and buyer
  3. Create local business listings on Google, Bing/Yahoo!
  4. Include relevant keywords on your website and local business listings
  5. Create keyword-rich content to share on social media and marketing platforms
  6. Leverage social media, hashtags, and keywords to expand brand reach & find new leads
  7. Spend money on advertising to your target market

Now that you have the steps and links to help you begin the process, what are you waiting for?

Help your target market to find you online today! Contact us if you need help.