8 Keyword Phrase Placement Options to Increase SERP

SEO-on-notepad_sm 8 Keyword Phrase Placement Options to Increase SERP Client question, “When I search for a phrase for my business, my results are on page three. How do I get my company to be on page one?”

Answer: Keyword Usage
When using keywords as part a marketing effort, choose only 1-3 terms that you want the business to be known for.

The more keywords you want to be found for, the thinner the results, which causes your company to be further and further back on the search results pages.

For example, if you wanted your business to be known as the “Small Business Resource,” you would use that keyword phrase in everything — email, website pages, social media hashtags, online ads, video descriptions, etc.

If your competition is already using it and has a saturation point for that term, find another.

Keyword Phrase Placement

  1. Webpage description meta field would include that phrase on all pages.
  2. Webpage keyword meta field would include that phrase on all pages.
  3. Email campaigns would have that phrase listed somewhere in it.
  4. All staff emails would have that in the signature line.
  5. Any images related to business would include the phrase, e.g., file name “woman smiling_Small Business Resource.png”.
  6. Social media posts would always have this mentioned #SmallBusinessResource as one of the hashtags. This would be used on all social media efforts, no matter what platform.
  7. Online ads would use the phrase in some way. See the text and graphical ad samples below.
  8. Header content on blog pages or any website page, example, the final paragraph on a blog or web page with a call to action could be similar to below.

Example: H2-H4 Headline tag in a Blog

Your Small Business Resource
Contact us, your small business resource, for information, mentoring, and workshops to help your small business to succeed.

Example: Online Text and Graphical Ad

Small-Biz-Resources-keyword-phrase_blog 8 Keyword Phrase Placement Options to Increase SERP


Small-Biz-Keyword-250-x-250-Square 8 Keyword Phrase Placement Options to Increase SERP








The more a term is used, the more a company will become known for it. By diluting the phrases and using too many, it’s too hard to be known for many things on a search engine. So, the first step is to determine 1-3 terms you want to be known for and then hammer those phrases into every marketing effort.

Need Help

If you need help defining your keyword phrases for your business, non-profit, or CPA firm, give us a call. We can help you to be found online.

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