8 Landing Page Tips for Non-Profits and Small Businesses

Landing-page 8 Landing Page Tips for Non-Profits and Small Businesses Landing pages are critical to any good inbound marketing effort.

Here are eight tips you can use to create landing pages:

  1. Clear, concise, compelling headlines
  2. 2-3 sentences about the offer/value
  3. 3-5 bullet points about the benefit(s)
  4. Form with 3-7 relevant fields
  5. Easy-to-notice call to action
  6. Relevant or compelling image
  7. Social sharing buttons
  8. On “submit,” directs to a thank you page.

Your Turn

There are many elements to a good landing page, but to make them great and to increase conversions takes more than just great layout. What would you add to this list to increase engagement?

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  2. The redirect to a thank you page tip is so often overlooked! Great call with that 🙂
    I was just reminded of how important this post sign-up page is recently after signing up for a newsletter with an amazing thank you page. I never thought about it on a landing page point of view but it makes a lot of sense.

    I’d add to your list that you need to make sure the message on your landing page matches the message of your ads (or anything else that brought customers to the landing page in the first place). It might be obvious but I’ve felt lost so many times after clicking google PPC ads.

    • Yes, the “Thank You” page can be nearly as important as the landing page. It’s also a great place for a re-marketing effort. Glad you liked the article.

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