8 Social Media Trends for 2021

2021-532x266-1 8 Social Media Trends for 2021

As one year ends and another begins, I’ve been thinking about what’s next in social media. Based on what I’ve been reading and things my client have been asking me for, I’ve put together this short list.

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  1. AI Marketing and Conversion
  2. Voice Search Will Soar
  3. Social Media Influencers will become less important
  4. Chatbots will become mandatory to succeed online
  5. Niche social media platforms will gain significant traction
  6. Local targeting and customization will lead the way
  7. User-generated content will replace brand content
  8. More global and local regulation will impact internet giants
  9. Old-school marketing (podcast, newsletter) will boom – but not as you have known it before.

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