9 Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals

9-Digital-Marketing-Tips-to-Reach-Your-Goals 9 Digital Marketing Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals

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Whether you work in a non-profit, small business, partnership, or large company, these nine digital marketing tips may be used independently or together to help you reach your goals.

  1. Create and share. Measurable goals are the start. If you do not know what you want to get from the campaign, how will you know when it’s successful?
  2. Credibility. Customer/client testimonials are a great way to establish credibility; but, better yet, be consistent in always approaching your messaging from the angle of what common problem most of your prospects have that your product/service can fix.
  3. Act. Sell by encouraging action using stories, anecdotes, testimonials, and facts.
  4. Think/Write. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Use “you” in your copy and talk more about them. Keep things simple. Imagine you’re sitting across the kitchen table from your reader, and write from that vantage point.
  5. Segment. Avoid using digital marketing as a mass media device. Rather user it to tailor messages to the audience and target market. Begin by profiling your readers/membership/supporters/volunteers. By understanding each segment, you can create relevant messages more quickly and lift results and ROI.
  6. Media Mix. Create a media mix that appeals to your audience. For example, in email, photos and graphics work really well. In social media, video and images work better than text. Think about slide decks you can turn into downloadable content that creates an inbound marketing effort with a landing page.
  7. Landing pages. Develop LPs with downloadable content that may be downloaded with email submission. Collect names, email addresses, phone numbers, company names, etc. to help increase your mail database. Be sure to follow-up with any landing page downloads within a reasonable time, such as 24-48 hours.
  8. Measure. Review monthly reports and adjust campaigns and messages as needed to help you reach your goals. That may mean changing copy, images, media, etc. Incorporate A/B split testing into the campaign efforts as well to determine which images or button colors create more client engagement.
  9. Report. Share successful and unsuccessful metrics with the team. Keep an eye on what’s working. Determine the success metrics to reach your goals. Also keep track of the unsuccessful items to avoid using them in the future.

Your Turn

What digital marketing tips would share with those looking to reach their goals?

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