9 eMarketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Puzzle-piece_website-image 9 eMarketing Tips for Small Business Owners Recently I taught an eMarketing workshop, hosted by SCORE Bergen, for small business owners.

The focus of the session was to help small business owners, already using social media, to increase leads with emarketing efforts. This included things like:

9 eMarketing Tips

Below are some of the tips captured via Twitter.

  1. Negative words in a subject line produce greater open rates than positive words.
  2. Don’t try to use all social networks at the same time. Use one at a time until you learn them.
  3. LinkedIn ads should use appropriate punctuation to help show professionalism.
  4. Using a model in your ad? Make sure you can see his/her pretty face.
  5. A picture is always looked at before the text. Try to incorporate images in your online ads.
  6. Go ahead and freely share information from other websites, but don’t spend money to boost someone else’s content.
  7. Only boost a Facebook post if it leads people to your content.
  8. Populate your website with content. Then share that content on social media and boost from there.
  9. Online brand personality should match the serious/funny nature of your business. Be who your customers expect.

Additional Resources

If you’re looking for more information on marketing and social media, visit our whitepaper page. There are a lot of resources there.

Download the workshop slides, handouts/worksheets here.