9 Facebook Ad Best Practices

facebook-ad_LI-532x266 9 Facebook Ad Best Practices

Photo: Tim Bennett

There are three text fields in a Facebook ad – headlines that go under the image, main ad text that sits above the image, and the news-feed link description that appears below the headline. Download the Facebook Content Template to help you write within the confines of the ad-copy lengths.

When writing ad copy, keep these nine, best practices in mind.

  1. The most popular headline is still just four words long and a max of 25 characters. Numbers in headlines are very effective, e.g., 20% Off, $10 Discount, Top 10, #1, etc. When promoting a service, consider how you can work a number into the headline, e.g., #1 Accounting Software for Dentists
  2. The main ad text (above the image) is where you have the most flexibility, but keep things relevant, catchy, and fun.
  3. Ad text maxes out at about 13 words or 125 characters.
  4. Use the correct call-to-action for the ad, for example, you wouldn’t use “Shop Now” for a service landing page; rather, you’d use “Learn More.”
  5. Write the ad only for the target audience, not a large, generic audience.
  6. Write different ads for different target audiences, e.g., farmers, construction, manufacturers, artists, health care, etc.
  7. Ensure the copy goes with the ad imagery. For example, you might show a before and after photo of a frustrated person next to a happy person in an ad that talks about relieving the stress of doing your own business accounting.
  8. Keep the copy short and lead with value.
  9. Use simple, easy-to-understand language


Facebook-Ad-Copy-example 9 Facebook Ad Best Practices

Fool-Proof System for Writing FB Ads

  1. Create a document in Word, grab a paper and pen, or use the Facebook Content Template
  2. Close all tabs on your screen—unless you want to keep your website open for inspiration, or go somewhere else to write.
  3. Set a timer for 15 minutes.
  4. Write everything that comes into your head about the service you want to promote – don’t stop until the timer goes off.
    • Avoid being clever, rather be clear.
    • Dodge mentioning your brand.
    • Speak to the person you’re writing the ad for. “Want better cash flow management in your business?” Starting an ad with a question is a great way to draw attention.
    • Make it emotional. “Delinquent accounts are trouble for your business. Find out how to get clients to pay on time.”
    • Keep it simple.

There is an art to writing effective, Facebook ad copy. You’ll only get better by practicing and testing ad copy. If you need help, give us a call. We do Facebook training sessions, as well as write ads and promote them through your account.

What will your next Facebook ad be about?

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