9 Gotta-Have Social Media Profile Elements

social-media-elements-532x266-1 9 Gotta-Have Social Media Profile Elements

If you’re started on a new social media platform or looking to update your existing one, here are nine tips to help you maximize your profile strength.

  1. Display your name (or pseudonym).
  2. Create an easy-to-type user name and URL (sometimes it’s not your name), e.g., on Twitter, Penheel Marketing isn’t @PenheelMarketing, but @Penheel. It’s shorter and the brand name.
  3. Profile Picture (different size on each platform). See this cheat sheet.
  4. A link to your most relevant web page (tip: use a vanity shortened URL to keep it short).
  5. Bio (on LinkedIn this can be 2,000 characters – gak!) The first 160 characters (not words) are the most important for search engine results. Put the most important content near the beginning.
  6. Include interests/specialties to help increase engagement and searchability. Hashtags are good here.
  7. Add a background or cover image — great for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. See this cheat sheet.**
  8. Review the privacy settings.
  9. Add profile links to your website, email signature, and e-business card.

Bonus Tip:

Looking to spruce up your tired profile? Here are 25 templates from Hootsuite to help take your profile to the next level.

** The background image for LinkedIn on this page is incorrect. For 2020, it should be 1584 x 396 px.

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