9 Pieces of Marketing Advice Your Father Gave You

Father-Son_sm_stroke 9 Pieces of Marketing Advice Your Father Gave You We don’t often think of fatherly advice as something that would apply to marketing. However, here are some great sayings my family and friends have heard from their fathers over the years and how they apply to marketing.

Father’s Marketing Advice

  1. “Always keep the game in your line of sight.” My father often talked about hunting and no matter how long he had to sit in a blind, he knew he had to keep his target in his line of sight, or the next thing he knew, it would be gone. The same applies to marketing. If you lose focus, you will begin marketing projects that don’t align with your business goals. Wasting time, money, and resources.
  2. “If you want it done right, do it yourself.” A friend confessed, that what her father really meant was, if he wanted it done his way. When building campaigns, stay true to the brand so it’s recognizable. If it steers to far from brand message, people won’t understand it. Thus, doing it the right way the first time.
  3. “Weight broke the wagon.” I think the person who said this was stating the obvious. As with marketing efforts, if you keep doing things too much, it will eventually break. Keep things fresh so your audience keeps coming back for more.
  4. “Everything in moderation.” Yes, a common phrase, but one that works. Rather than bombarding your audience with emails daily, consider moving to a semi-monthly or monthly campaign. They will be more likely to open it.
  5. “This place looks like a hand grenade hit it.” Have you ever had a marketing campaign blow up? It may be due to lack of planning, too much of one thing, too much too fast…oh, there are many things. If your campaign looks like a hand grenade hit it, take that to the planning table and revise it for the next time.
  6. “Don’t let your mother find out because if I hear it from her you’re gonna hear it to.” Oh boy, the famous “don’t tell your mother” quote. How many time did you hear your father say that phrase when you were growing up? In marketing, the same is true. Sometimes things need to be done without telling the boss. You keep your fingers crossed in hopes that it’s a home run. Then, and only then, do you tell the boss.
  7. “This house looks like a [bleeping] Christmas tree!! Turn off the lights!!” Why continue to push money and effort toward a marketing effort, when a more subtle approach would work better?
  8. “Don’t cry or I’ll give you something to cry about!” My interpretation of this is…so, you think your marketing effort was a stinker? There are worse ones. Stop wasting your natural resources on this effort. Just move along. It’s not so bad.
  9. “Put a napkin in your lap.” When it comes to marketing efforts, keeping the status quo can come in handy. No matter what your product is, keeping the campaign on point and on brand is key to helping your audience understand who your company is and what they stand for.

Your Turn

What were some of the phrases your father was “famous” for that could apply to marketing?

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