9 Tips to Attracting Millennial Business Owners to Your Brand

think-like-a-customer 9 Tips to Attracting Millennial Business Owners to Your Brand According to this Milady.pro infographic, 46 percent of millennials use social media when making purchasing decisions. Which means, if a high percent of millennials are willing to start their own business, while using social media as a buying choice, you could conclude that increasing social media engagement with millennials could be a win-win.

Here’s how.

  1. Learn about the social platforms they are use. Don’t rely on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach this new breed of business owner. They are using social tools like YouTube®, Instagram®, and Pinterest®. All of these are visually-focused platforms. Though Twitter is still highly used, it may not be the lead magnet you need it to be.
  2. Increase your firm’s visual content. Consider creating imagery and video to attract this audience. Use how-to’s, quotes, quizzes, and more to engage them. Leverage infographics to present complex ideas in a simple, visual format. Share photos of your firm’s culture to help them understand what your brand is about.
  3. Consider leveraging riddles, brainteasers, polls, and games to generate interest. These don’t have to be complex apps, but rather those created by a third-party and leveraged by your firm. It’s a great way to help people learn and engage.
  4. Provide value. Millennials, like everyone else, want to maximize their time and be productive. Offer tips, tools, and resources to help them be more productive, especially as small business owners. Your other clients will thank you too.
  5. Get personal. Rather than posting social media content that’s simply informational, engage on a human level. For example, if your office has a pet-friendly policy, share photos of the pets in the office. If your firm’s staff hosts a bar-be-que, event, fundraiser, etc. capture that with pictures and video. Share that on your social platforms and in emails to clients.
  6. Syndicate. You have a great blog on your website. But you’re only posting references to it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Expand its reach by posting to Tumblr™, Reddit™, or Buzzfeed™. It’s free to have an account and helps to increase brand awareness.
  7. Mobile. If you haven’t figured out how important mobile is; marketing to millennials will help you. They are a very mobile-centric audience who does a tremendous amount of things on their mobile devices. Make sure your website, landing pages, and social posts are mobile friendly. One positive indicator will be if they search for your firm’s website on a mobile device and Google’s “mobile-friendly” moniker appears.
  8. Hashtags. Using keywords and hashtags for trending articles or stories then relating them to your firm’s services is valuable. For example, if a celebrity filed bankruptcy, you could write a blog about “Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy” and use the hashtag associated with the celebrity along with #bankruptcy.
  9. Increased activity. If you’re currently posting on social media once or twice per week, you may need to step your game. Increasing the frequency to multiple times per week, especially on platforms like Twitter, helps to keep your brand top of mind, while increasing SEO rankings. The key here is to share quality content that leads people back to value resources, tips, tools, and stories.


Each Thursday at 8:00 p.m. (GMT) there is an Entrepreneur Chat on Twitter (hashtag #EntrepChat). If your firm has tips for entrepreneurs, engage in that conversation. Use the hashtag and don’t just pump out information, be part of the conversation.

Remember, millennials are a new breed of business owner and do things differently than you may be used to. That doesn’t mean they are not a viable audience who could use your valuable services. Keep an open mind, and more important, keep generating great information and sharing it on the platforms where they engage.

Your Turn

Have a great story about attracting the millennial crowd to your brand? Feel free to share some of your own tips with us. Thanks, in advance.


Disclaimer: This post originally appeared in the CPA Client Bulletin, © 2015, AICPA. Reprinted by permission.