AdWords Campaigns Tantalizing As A Thanksgiving Dinner

adwords-thanksgiving_LI-long-post AdWords Campaigns Tantalizing As A Thanksgiving Dinner You may not be anticipating the busy season as much as this month’s turkey-and-stuffing dinner, but you should be.

Now is the perfect time to strategize, prep, and serve up your Google or Bing AdWords campaigns for deployment during busy season.


Before writing any ads, go through this list of questions to help you plan your strategy.

  1. What are the ads’ goals (increase walk-ins, website traffic, sales/conversions, leads, etc.)?
  2. How long will the ads run?
  3. What is the budget?
  4. Who is the target market (age, geography, interest, businesses, families, mobile or desktop users, etc.)?
  5. What is your offer (unique selling proposition)?
  6. What do you want the person to do once they find your ad (click through to the website, call you, like your social media page, etc.)?
  7. What are your competitors doing? is a great, free tool for this.
  8. How will you measure success (number of clicks to your site; number of form completions, number of new clients signed, etc.)?


Preparing your website with the appropriate landing pages, graphics, lead forms, and keywords will help to increase conversions. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Do you need to create unique landing pages with a lead generation form prior to launching?
  2. Are unique URLs needed to split test any ads?
  3. Only place keywords for that specific service in the landing page code. If you’re running more than one service ad (individual tax, business tax, international tax), each should have its own landing page and keywords.
  4. Research the keywords using Google or Bing’s Keyword Tool,, SEMRush, or Moz. Some of those services will not have budgeting information, but Google and Bing do.
  5. Write the text ads or create graphics for ad placements on websites. See examples below.
  6. What should my call to action be for each ad (free consultation; learn more; call for more information, like us on Facebook; get 10% off your first service; etc.)?
  7. Determine if you want people to see your ads based on a keyword’s broad match, phrase match, or exact match. More about this below.

Text Ad and Graphical Ad Examples

If you are selling tax services to individuals, your ads might look like the following, with a keyword buy of “individual tax returns,” “tax returns,” “1040 returns,” “1040E tax returns,” “Itemizing taxes,” and maybe few more.

Hate Preparing Your Taxes? | Let us help.

Specializing in indiv tax returns for 20+ yrs.

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123-456-7890 | Tax Services | Accounting Services

AICPA-Nov-Ad-low-res AdWords Campaigns Tantalizing As A Thanksgiving Dinner

Match Search Example

Let’s say you purchased the keyword phrase “Best Atlanta Accountant”.

A broad match is a search that includes any of the keywords you’ve purchased and searches the widest audience. It may not give you the most control and would show your ad whenever someone searched for “best,” “accountant,” or “Atlanta.” That means your ad would show up when people may not be looking for an accountant at all. If they searched for “best Atlanta pizza joint,” your ad would display because of the broad match.

A phrase match provides more control over search results and would only show your ads if someone searched for the phrase possibly in a different order or with additional words in between. For example, if someone searched for “best accountant in Atlanta suburbs,” your ad would show. If he/she searched for “best Atlanta accountant,” your ad would show. It would even show if the person searched for “best accountant” and you chose Atlanta as your targeted geographic area.

Exact match works a little differently. The searcher must use the exact phrase you purchased, which offers the most limited search results. So, unless he/she entered “best Atlanta accountant” your ad would not show up.


Let’s say your firm has a large draw of 1040 clients. You may want to deploy your ads after the first of the year. However, you can begin prepping and entering them into the system now for deployment at the appropriate time.

When entering ads, choose the future deployment; if you don’t you’ll be billed as soon as they start running and people begin clicking on them.

If your firm focuses on business clients, now is the time to be advertising your services for year-end prospects. If international tax returns are your thing, you can use this process throughout the year.

Now that you have all the ingredients, now is the time to begin seasoning your ad campaign for a scrumptious busy season. What will your ads look like?

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Disclaimer: This post originally appeared in the CPA Client Bulletin Resource Guide, © 2017, AICPA. Reprinted by permission.