AdWords Extensions Equals Increased Visibility and Revenue

If your firm uses Google AdWords in its marketing strategy, here are some tips about extensions that not only increases local visibility, but also helps to generate revenue for your firm.

What are AdWords extensions?

Extensions are informative snippets that appear within your ad, such as location, call outs, phone, services, and more. They appear under the ad text and are quick ways for searchers to find exactly what they are looking for. See the following sample.  

Tax-Adwords-Example AdWords Extensions Equals Increased Visibility and Revenue

Extension Options

Adding extensions to campaigns costs no more than writing an ad without them. So, why wouldn’t you leverage the additional options if they help to increase the ad’s relevancy? There are many extension options to choose from, including:

  1. Location: Allows you to add your office address.
  2. Affiliate location: Provides for additional office locations.
  3. Callout: Unique information about your business, such as services you offer or industries you serve.
  4. Sitelink: Information about your firm with a link associated with each term, e.g., hours, services, about, or other navigable items on your site. You can also add up to 25 characters for the text, plus two description lines each with 35 characters.
  5. Call (phone): Add your phone number to an ad. On mobile devices that will show with a call button in your ad.
  6. Structured snippets: Allows you to promote valuable aspects of your business, e.g., Services: International Tax, Individual Tax, Corporate Tax, Estate Tax.
  7. Message: Searchers can send you a text message directly via mobile when the see the chat icon in your search ad.
  8. Price: With the ability to link to a variety of services on your site, you can add price information for specific services; e.g., 1040 Tax Returns for Individuals from $300
  9. Promotion: If you’re offering a discount for new clients, use the promotion extension to show the discount offer, for example—Father’s Day 10% Off Exit Planning Consultations Code: Summer Valid June 1 – 30. Promo codes, discount percentage, and occasion dates are some of the fields for this extension. When displayed, a price-tag icon appears within the ad.
  10. App: Mobile-specific search ads that push searchers to your app in the app store. You can choose the mobile platform the app operates, the app name, and publisher resulting in the search ad displaying the relevant information with an app icon. This is great for conferences where apps might be used for off-site attendees who want to be in the know.

Ad Extension Cheat Sheet

For a quick run-down of the apps available and when you should use it, consider keeping the following AdWords Extensions Cheat Sheet handy.

AdWords-Extension-cheat-sheet-table AdWords Extensions Equals Increased Visibility and Revenue

Click the table to download the cheat sheet.

The next time you run and AdWords campaign, consider the additional options you can incorporate to help make your ad more relevant to the searcher and more prominent within Google’s ad listings. Adding extensions is a great way to highlight services, to incentivize with promotions, and increase engagement via calls and text.

As summer approaches, what service line(s) should you be promoting to help increase the firm’s bottom line? 

Additional Resources

Disclaimer: This post originally appeared in the CPA Client Bulletin Resource Guide, © 2018 Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. Reprinted by permission.