Are you a marketing fool?

Are-you-a-marketing-fool_GP Are you a marketing fool? That question could be taken in two ways (maybe more). The first, the fool being someone who is crazy about marketing and loves it so much people think they are foolish about it. The second is a marketer who keeps doing the same thing and expects different results.

The second is what I’m referring to.

5 Tips to Avoid the Foolishness

  1. Stop doing the same thing over and over again if you’re not getting the results you want. Sending more emails or posting more blogs with no increase in activity is foolish. Rather, change things up a little each time you release something. For example, if you use email on a monthly basis, try split testing the campaign with an audience control element (males on the east coast vs. males on the west coast) to see which offers a better response. You can find more control element ideas below.
  2. Avoid the constant marketing budget throughout the year. Yes, set a budget, but let it be fluid during the year so you have the flexibility to increase it during your slow season and decrease it during the busy season. However, do not turn it off. Turning it off could make you lose the momentum you may have gained.
  3. Get over yourself. Yes, you! If you’re not doing something that could help your business flourish, stop yourself and ask why? For example, if you hate networking, is there an alternative you could be doing that you would enjoy more that could bring in new leads? Maybe the alternative is to write for industry-leading publications to help get your name out there. Maybe it is presenting at an event, which makes working the crowd easier. If this is one of your challenges, find the networking opportunities where you’ll flourish.
  4. Break the habit of not measuring results. If you’re not reviewing social media, website, and marketing campaign results at least monthly, you could be missing out on opportunities, or worse, needlessly spending money. Knowing what’s working and what isn’t will help you to flush out the weeds in your marketing plan. Here are some additional tips on how to do that.
  5. Posting the same content over and over again without generating anything new is a huge problem for small business owners. You’re busy. I get it. However, content creation can be quick and easy if you follow a simple formula, which you can find here. Create a plan outlining three to five content pieces you can quickly create each month. Use a theme for the month so the content has some consistency. When you create the content, use different media, for example a blog or text piece, photo, and video. Those are three great media that are popular today. Then share the content on social media. Remember the point is not quantity, but quality. So, no matter what you create, make sure it solves a client problem and is easy to digest. Here are a variety of content ideas that might work for you.

Control Element Ideas

  • Headlines are a great place to split test using a control element. When split testing always think simplicity and benefits. There are two headlines below. Which would you click on?
    • Crush Your Competition With These 3 Marketing Tips
    • Marketing Tips to Crush the Competition
  • Images are also a great tool to help increase engagement. For example, if you’re featuring a woman in an image, use two different images of women with different hair colors. Also pay attention to their gaze in the photo because readers will look in the direction of the gaze.
  • Button colors also impact people’s engagement on a call to action. Studies show that people will click on an orange button more than a blue one. Now if your brand’s colors do not allow for the use of orange, consider a complimentary color that is not too similar to your brand colors to help make it stand out.
  • Call to action copy is also important. Consider what action you want people do and they split test the call to action copy. For example, if you want them to download something, which call to action button would you be more likely to click on?
    • Free Download
    • Get it while it’s hot!
  • Overall layout can also be a major player in split testing emails (and landing page). You want readers to be able to easily tell what you want them to do. So, make the copy simple and clear, but also consider the form you’re using. The more form fields, the less likely someone will complete them. Keep forms clean, the design focused on the benefits, and the call to action exciting. See samples of landing page ideas

Now that you have the tips, put that fool’s cap away and get down to business.

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