Before Increasing Your Google AdWords Budget Do This

woman-frustrated-papers_LI Before Increasing Your Google AdWords Budget Do This

If you’re using Google AdWords to increase brand reach, lead generation, or sales, you might not be getting the results you wanted using the budget you have.

Before increasing your budget, however, consider these four things, especially if you’ve run ads before.

  1. Are you using the right keywords to draw in your target market via search? Use the Google Keyword search tools, plus look at, and Bing for additional terms.
  2. Consider the best days for your ads versus running them every day. Since you’ve run the campaign once, review your best days and times of days for the next round of ads. Only run your ads on those days/times for the same budget.
  3. Determine if running graphical ads on the industry’s most frequented web pages (done through managed placements on AdWords) so your ads show up on sites where your target market frequents – again without increasing the budget).
  4. Split your budget between your two, major geographic or demographic markers. Rather than spending on a full-blown geographic area, consider a subset of the area or a smaller market demographically. Since you’re already run the ads, you can see who is responding by city, gender, age, etc.

When using a smaller budget, narrow your target to get the best results, without spending more money.

Need help?

If you need help writing ads, posting them to your AdWords account, monitoring, reporting, or just plain-old AdWords strategy, call us! We can help you create a campaign to help you meet your goals and provide advice about budgets.  

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