Breaking Up With Your Social Network

Poor-Performance Breaking Up With Your Social Network It pains me as a social media and digital marketer to write this story; but, it must be said. There comes as time in every relationship when one of the parties is just not…well…living up to its side of the bargain.

You’ve spent a lot of time, resources, and energy feeding your social network in hopes of gaining new clients and increasing the company’s ROI.  In some cases, the additional branding awareness and thought-leader status weren’t as shiny and new as you had hoped.

One way to determine which social networks are working is to review and understand the analytics. While doing this, you need to make sure the “wins” you are getting are aligning with your goals.

If those things are out of sync, it might be time to call it quits. If a social media network is not providing any referral traffic to the site, then consider the break-up speech, “It’s not you; it’s me.” When we all know it’s you.

The Old College Try

If you have set the appropriate goals for the network – traffic increases, lead generation, growth and reach, engagement, and sentiment – yet, are still coming up short, it might be time for the old heave-ho.

However, have you given the effort a serious try? Have you experimented with new media, such as video, photos, and open-ended questions? Were various posting times and content variations put into play? Often times, what works on one network, may not work on another.

Consider These Options Before Pulling the Plug

  1. Brainstorm with colleagues or peers to learn about what they like to see on social media.
  2. Try different message tones to help engage people. Consider more open-ended questions that encourage discussion and comments or quotes that inspire.
  3. Increase the photo usage on postings and using more dynamic images than in the past.
  4. Discover through measurement and metrics what your audience responds to.
  5. Measure everything independently using UTM codes and tracking mechanisms. This helps you to determine what is working; how it’s working; and areas to focus your efforts.

Cut the Cord

If you’ve done all the due diligence above and are still not getting the results you seek, it might be time to put the prom corsage away and skip the dance. Spend less time on the social network’s efforts and focus more on the networks that are producing.

If that’s the case, before pulling the plug, invite all the followers of that network to your other social channels. You don’t want to lose the momentum you’ve already built. This will also give them an opportunity to experience the other networks and how you’re sharing content there.

Additional Resources

Below are a links you may find useful when it comes to leveraging social media in your marketing efforts.

Your Turn

Have you cut the cord on a social network? Tell us your story.

Need Help?

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  • Determine if the break is needed;
  • Decide if a different effort is required; or
  • Agree that it’s just time to call it quits.

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    Are you considering breaking up with your social media network? What questions do you have before you make the change?