Time_GreenSand-212x198 This Productivity Tip Saves Time—Bookmarklets

This Productivity Tip Saves Time—Bookmarklets

Raise your hand if you could use a little more time in your day. Here’s one solution that’s making a big splash that might just save you enough time in your day so you can enjoy that cup of coffee while looking out your window instead of at your mobile device. Bookmarklets. What is a […]

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Policy-318x198 Employer Social Media Policies - What's working? What's not?

Employer Social Media Policies – What’s working? What’s not?

Are you infringing on employees’ rights according to Section 7 of the Labor Relations Act? In late May, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) released a report on employer social media policies. Seven recent cases were highlighted in the report. In nearly all cases, except one, each policy included several unlawful statements. According to the NLRB, […]

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Local Search – Google Places is so 12 Seconds Ago

For those looking to increase their business search engine optimization by placing their company listing on Google Places, you’ll be shocked to learn it will soon be gone according to a recent story by Search Engine Land. Google Places and Google+ Local Pages have merged and Google Places will be phased out for a new “Zagat-influenced” […]

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Call-to-Action 5 Call-to-Action Copy Tips to Get People Responding

5 Call-to-Action Copy Tips to Get People Responding

Have you ever thought you had great ad copy for your latest digital marketing campaign, only to be disappointed in the results? The tips below may help you or your marketing team to write compelling call-to-action copy that gets the results you’ve been looking for. Verbs & Subjects: Leveraging the power of verbs—words that express […]

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SEO / SEM – What’s the Difference?

The other day I was speaking with a potential client who was very concerned about her SEO; and, how her paid ranking on Google was just not paying off. Immediately a red flag went off in my head. “Huh, SEO paid rankings on Google?” I thought. After I learning more about her situation, I realized […]

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