holiday-event_LI Create a Holiday Event That Keeps on Giving

Create a Holiday Event That Keeps on Giving

During this time of year, people are busy…really busy. But, you want to make an impact with your clients and in your community. Here’s a great holiday event that keeps on giving. Invite clients to your office to create holiday-themed decorations that could be donated to the less fortunate in the area. Use inspirational quotes […]

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2018-Marketing-Checklist_LI 2018 Marketing Prep Checklist

2018 Marketing Prep Checklist

The New Year is just around the corner. Here is a 2018 Marketing Prep Checklist you can begin working on now to meet the demands you’ll face early in the year. Website Update your site’s copyright to reflect the new year and into 2-5 years into the future, e.g., © 2018 – 2022. Revise your […]

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man-computer-hands_LI How to Turn Down a Prospect Without Being a Jerk

How to Turn Down a Prospect Without Being a Jerk

Have you ever had that moment when a new lead comes your way and after the initial consult you wonder if you should take them on as a client? You are not alone. You might wonder, “Should I do this?” “Is it the right thing to do?” “Is it professional to say no?” Here are […]

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AdWords Campaigns Tantalizing As A Thanksgiving Dinner

You may not be anticipating the busy season as much as this month’s turkey-and-stuffing dinner, but you should be. Now is the perfect time to strategize, prep, and serve up your Google or Bing AdWords campaigns for deployment during busy season. Strategy Before writing any ads, go through this list of questions to help you […]

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Using Google’s Operator Functions to Find Just About Anything

Have you ever met someone at a networking event, but forgot to get their card? If you remember their name and the company they work for, you can play detective using Google’s operator function. What is the Google Operator function? This function allows users to view website pages Google’s indexed. You can search through the […]

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5 Secrets to Becoming A Social Media Influencer

If you want to increase your personal brand, as well as your company’s brand, consider sharing your company’s social media posts on your personal social media profiles. It helps to make you an influencer in an industry vertical or topic, as well as expands your company’s reach. Does that mean you have to have a […]

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