marketing-ROI-532x266-1 Is Your Marketing ROI Melting?

Is Your Marketing ROI Melting?

The summer has been hot. When I say hot, I mean melt-your-face-off hot. Speaking of hot, how are your marketing efforts fairing this year? Has your return on investment (ROI) been so good it’s hot? If not, here are some pointers. What’s Marketing ROI? Marketing ROI is simply the extent to which marketing activities add […]

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Google-form-532x266-1 How to Make Google Forms for Free

How to Make Google Forms for Free

If you’re looking for an easy way to create forms for your website, emails, or event, give Google Forms a try. All you need is a free Gmail account Forms are a great way to collect data about your target market. With the new, marketing data privacy laws for mobile devices and social media, this […]

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My Favorite Free Marketing and Social Media Tools

As someone who spends the majority of her time focusing on marketing, social media, and website development, I thought I’d toss out a list of my favorite, free marketing and social media tools. These are great for the novice, experienced, or advanced users. Canva (graphics/video) Pixabay and Unsplash (royalty free images/video) Hemmingway app (helps with […]

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SEM Best Practices for the DIYer

So…you want to take on search engine marketing (SEM) on your own. Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed now that you peeked behind the Google Ads curtain. Maybe you just want to maximize your efforts and ad’s effectiveness to reach your goal. Either way, these six tips should help those who want to tackle SEM […]

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Does my website need a blog?

Arguments for and against from experts in the marketing and SEO field. What this boils down to really, is what you want to use the blog for, your business goals, and ability to manage content. Download or print this infographic to help you decide. SEMRush recently asked the Twitter-verse, “Does every website need a blog? […]

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5 Scary Marketing Tricks for October

Communicating with clients can be scary, but it’s a must. Here are five, scary marketing tactics to tackle when tricks and treats are on everyone’s mind. Download the infographic to keep handy (or to share … wink). Or, watch the video tips. Postcard Madness: Connect with your clients with a Halloween-themed postcard. Link it to […]

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