Crack the Code to the EBP Niche Marketing Challenge

EBP-Marketing_LI-long-post Crack the Code to the EBP Niche Marketing Challenge

Image: Jack Moreh

Does your firm’s staff focus on the EBP niche? If yes, then here are seven marketing tips to help you gain new EBP clients, while helping your established ones at the same time.

  1. Judy Diamond and Associates is a great resource when it comes to building lead generation lists. Visit their site to learn more about them, their services, and research. You might consider following them on Twitter or LinkedIn to share current stories and trends in the EBP field.  
  2. The AICPA has several ebooks in the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center that you can leverage. You can link to them and create image from the book covers to put on your site. Check the download and reproduction guidelines if you plan to provide them on your own site.
  3. When sharing content on social media, leverage hashtags. is a great tool to find the right resources. Some of the most popular are #ERISA #401k #RetirementPlans and a few others. When using use #ERISA to search with and the others will show up. Also, in that tool, you can see influencers sharing EBP content. Put them in a Twitter list and send social media posts to them using that list. 
  4. Ask your firm’s database or CRM team for a client list and do a specific email newsletter subscription campaign just for them. You may have to segment your list. But creating a unique newsletter featuring stories just for them is important and will increase click-thru rates compared to a general newsletter.
  5. Also consider a drip campaign for new newsletter registrants. That drip would include a thank you for subscribing with a link to another story they might like. The second in the series would include another story with a call to action, such as downloading an ebook on overcoming potential plan challenges in the plan. Finally, an email to schedule an appointment.
  6. Subscribe to and read the 401k Help Center and the Plan Sponsor newsletters. They are great resources for ERISA / EBP content. Share their stories in your social media schedule to help identify you as an influencer.
  7. Focus on their busy season, and think several weeks ahead because once they are in it, they won’t be focusing on your content. Create an appointment schedule to have them come in before their busy season to ask any questions, review plan options, and define any challenges they might have before the season. Here is a good example piece of content from the AICPA that can help initiate the meeting. Here is one about data quality errors that might catch their attention. 

Now that you have seven marketing options, which will you use at your firm to keep clients up to date, and to draw in new leads?