Create How-To Emails That Convert

how-to-email_LI-532x266 Create How-To Emails That Convert

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Email is a great way to engage with clients. Providing them with information they can use leads to higher email open rates, links to your website, and calls to your office.

Here are four email tips you can use while creating content for your website and social media profiles simultaneously.

  1. Create an email template for your “How To” emails for a consistent look and feel. Many email tools have templates you can leverage.
  2. Develop a 12-month plan with a focused topic for each month, e.g., Jan. How to Set a Budget; Feb. How to Manage Expenses in QuickBooks; Mar. How to Keep Tabs on Labor Costs, etc. Also, consider software tips and tricks you know in tools like Excel and QuickBooks.
  3. Write a short set of instructions for each topic. Then, create a video using the same information. HubSpot offers a list of “13 Simple Tools for Creating Animated Gifs, Images, and Videos” to create great video content.
  4. Post the instructions and video link in the email and distribute it to your clients on the same day each month. Also, publish the tips on your blog; share the video on your YouTube channel; and post the information on your social media profiles with relevant hashtags.

If you’re unsure what topics would work well for your clients, here is a short list from Fundera “9 Accounting Tips for Small Business Owners” to help you get started.

Rather than tackling this all alone, ask your staff to get involved. It can help reinforce what they learn, as well as increase their presentation skills.

Now that you have a plan, what will your topics be for the year?


This post originally appeared in the CPA Client Bulletin Resource Guide, © 2019 Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. Reprinted by permission.

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