Does my website need a blog?

Does-my-website-need-a-blog- Does my website need a blog?

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Arguments for and against from experts in the marketing and SEO field.

What this boils down to really, is what you want to use the blog for, your business goals, and ability to manage content.

Download or print this infographic to help you decide.

SEMRush recently asked the Twitter-verse, “Does every website need a blog? Why or why not?”

My response was simple, “Nope. As long as you’re sharing content on a reputable location (Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, whatever) consistently with your brand, hashtags, and keywords you should be ok.”

However, I was interested to read what others were saying.

Here are some of the responses.

Why You Need A Blog

  • If you carefully decide which topics to cover, you might succeed in positioning yourself as an authority on those topics. @inkandcopy
  • Blogs are essential for all the websites. It’s the best website way to stay tuned and engage with the customers. @Expert2SEO
  • Yes! For building authority, SEO benefits, user acquisition across the funnel, and consistent, long-term results. @InfidigitalIndia
  • Yes, because you can educate your users for your products and services, also you can attract new users to sign up your newsletters. @Kanhiya_so
  • For growth through inbound marketing, I’d say yes. @Anirudh_takkar
  • Yes, absolutely … It helps in increasing organic online presence n authority boosting @spanrig

You’ve decided that having a blog on your site is a must have. What you need to focus on now is consistent content creation, ability to gate the content for lead generation at times, and the use of effective keywords in your meta data to help drive traffic toward your content. Sharing the information in emails and on social media should also help to boost readership.

Why a Blog Isn’t Crucial

  • Every company needs to look at their goals and what they’re doing with their site to determine if a blog is the best route. @Hannah_Derrose
  • It helps, but I don’t think it’s necessary as I have seen many websites having a higher ranking without any blog on their website. @AmalGhosh3
  • Sometimes, no. A site should think about using the silo page structure to “bake in” lots of the important, core, evergreen content as part of the main experience. A blog is often a half-brained adjunct that comes across as dutiful rather than useful. @SmallBizGeekUK
  • If a blog has thin content on it, or doesn’t provide enough value, it can actually harm your business or reputation. So, if you’re not willing to run or invest in a high quality blog, it’s probably better not to have it. @Anirudh_takkar
  • I have a local restaurant business set up on GMB & doesn’t have a blog. I use the free website from Google. Even without a blog, I still manage to get to the top position in local searches, generate views, and orders as well. Working pretty well for me. @heymou_
  • No, it depends on the use case for the site and whether content is the primary way you’ll be capturing traffic. @Mikektatum
  • Not for all businesses. Blogs are a qualified Link builder which drives considerable traffic if properly written and promoted. @lamrss98
  • Not every website needs a blog. Other content like: case studies published in online press, static reference info w/ a personal touch & showcasing company’s daily activities, can work wonders (even retain high ranking for years!) @webandpromo

You’ve decided not to have a blog on your website and want to use another media (e.g., video, images, podcasts, etc.). As long as you have a link to that source on your site, the content will still influence your search ranking if you use backlinks to your site, effective keyword placement in media descriptions, and share the content elsewhere, e.g., email, social media, advertising, etc.

Do you have a blog on your site?

Tell us your pros and cons in the comments.