Easily Increase Email Leads Using Content Upgrades

content-development-upgrade_LI-532x266 Easily Increase Email Leads Using Content Upgrades

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What happens when you create a blog article that doesn’t have additional resource links on it, nor has little value to share? The answer is nothing.

Nothing is what you want to avoid after spending all that time researching, writing, adding SEO keywords, finding a graphic, and posting content on your site. You want action. Leads specifically!

There’s an easy way to increase your email list by using a technique called “content upgrading.” Since you’re already creating a piece of content, e.g., your blog article, add in an extra piece of content that entices people to do something with it, like download it, play it, share it, etc.

According to Social Media Today, one client was able to increase his email conversion rate by over 700% using this technique.

Content Upgrade How-To

  1. Write a piece of content that is informational, interesting, and of value to your target market.
  2. Create a second piece of content that you want to offer for free, like a checklist, tip sheet, diagram, infographic, video, podcast, or event registration.
  3. Create a new landing page for the secondary piece of content and include a little about the content, an image, and a short form. On the form, ask for first name, last name, and email address before the person can get the content. Either the piece of content’s link is available once the form is submitted, or the content is emailed to the person once the form is submitted. Don’t give it away without asking for something first.
  4. Go back to the original piece and add the action-item link and copy, for example, “Bonus Checklist: Download the 9 Essential Steps to Email Template Design checklist to help boost your efforts.” You might want to put a box around it, add a color to the text, put it in a blockquote, or put it between two horizontal lines on the web page to help draw the eye toward it.


In the following example, the original post was about email effectiveness. Within the piece, I added a graphic, copy, and link to a downloadable ebook (content upgrade). When the link for the ebook is clicked, a new page opens with the form, the same graphic, and a send button. Once the form is sent, the content is emailed to the email address provided on the form. I’ve now collected a new email address that I can add to my email service provider software.

content-upgrade-process Easily Increase Email Leads Using Content Upgrades

Tip! Add a “Privacy Policy” and a “Terms and Conditions” web page to your site denoting how information collected on the site is shared (or not shared). There are many templates across the Internet you can use for reference. Consider adding the link to those pages in your website footer to offer visitors a chance to review your policy.

Once the original piece is created and the second piece is added to it, begin sharing the original page on your social media accounts, in your email signature, or in an online marketing campaign.

What’s your biggest email challenge?

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