Facebook Analytics Shuts Down June 30

fb-analytics-shutdown-532x266-1 Facebook Analytics Shuts Down June 30

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook recently announced it will be shuttering its doors on Facebook Analytics come June 30, 2021. That gives you less than three months for figure out what you’re going to do.

If you are monitoring your Facebook analytics on a monthly (or more frequent basis), things will soon change – by June 30, 2021, in fact.

Once shuttered, Facebook points users to its following business tools:

  • Facebook Business Suite: Allows users to manage their Facebook and Instagram business accounts. Offers detailed insights about a business’s audience, content, and trends (but is not available to everyone).
  • Ads Manager: Lets businesses view, make changes, and see results for Facebook campaigns and ads.
  • Events Manager: Can help users set up and manage Facebook business tools like the Facebook pixel and Conversions API. Also reports on actions taken on a business’s website, app, and physical store.

Impact Marketing says this, “Although it’s not ideal, you should still be able to approximate the experience of Facebook Analytics across those three Facebook for Business tools.”

“There’s one problem, however,” writes Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern, “Facebook Business Suite is only available to small businesses at this time.”

If you are doing advertising, the numbers may not truly reflect what’s happening on your Facebook page. Also, if you’re using a Facebook Pixel for advertising purposes, that too may not reflect actual data, but rather data that passes through the iOS14 update.

What does this mean for you?

  1. Analytics may not truly reflect actual data results.
  2. The Facebook pixel data may not reflect actual results, and may even go away.
  3. Facebook campaign information that was being sent directly to Google Analytics account may be impacted (broken).
  4. More diligent monitoring and use of UTM codesfor tracking purposes will be needed.
  5. Move your Facebook company account to a Business Suite account now.
  6. Archive any previous data using a CSV file or other format before June 30.

If you need help with your Facebook business account, give us a call.