GDPR and Its Impact on AdWords Campaigns

GDPR-adwords_LI-532x266 GDPR and Its Impact on AdWords Campaigns

By now you’ve probably heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It requires some additional information to be posted on your website, such as terms and conditions, privacy policy, and a data collection opt-in; but, what you might not be aware of is its impact on your Google AdWords campaigns.

Here are some highlights.

The good news, according to WordStream, “Search, plain old, intent-based search, requires no personally identifying information.”

However, if you’re using Google Analytics, tag manager, or AdWords remarketing to actively market to European Union website visitors, you may need to pay closer attention to the rules and must obtain prior consent to use data previously captured.

If you’re uploading data to Google AdWords for Customer Match or Store Sales data (you might use the former), you must have prior opt-in approval to use that data.

In short, if you’re uploading data into Google AdWords to increase website leads, to target prospects, or to market to specific demographics, pay close attention to the rules. Fines are steep. So, get the opt-ins prior to uploading any data from European Union website visitors.

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Disclaimer: This post originally appeared in the CPA Client Bulletin Resource Guide, © 2018 Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. Reprinted by permission.