Google Ads Primer for CPAs

Google-Ads-ebook-cover-web Google Ads Primer for CPAs  Having an effective marketing strategy that includes a variety of different channels is the best strategy an accounting firm or sole practitioner can have. You know all of your eggs shouldn’t be in one basket. So, now’s the time to dip your toe into the digital marketing space with relevant, timely, and effective Google Ads.

In this primer, I’ll walk you through the seven-step process and give you the information you need to conduct keyword research – which is also great for your SEO efforts – and to write effective ads, while keeping your budget in check.

In this Primer

  1. How to Create an Effective Google Ad Campaign
  2. How to Conduct Keyword Research and Establish the Budget
  3. How to Create the Campaign and Ads

Now, let’s get started on your first campaign. Request your Primer today.

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