How Social Media KPIs Can Help You Increase Sales and Leads

42-KPIs How Social Media KPIs Can Help You Increase Sales and Leads

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Social media key performance indicators (KPIs) are important to monitor to help you achieve your business goals.

They are used to determine the types of posts your audience responds to; what time of day/day of week you should be posting; and the level of engagement your audience takes with your posts, including shares, comments, and likes.

Of course, knowing that information is good, but how you apply that to your business goals is more important.

Gregg Linnemanstons, from HubSpot, comments, “Knowing where your marketing is today (that is, what it’s doing for you today) is absolutely essential for deciding where you want it to take you next year.”

What KPIs To Track

Below are KPIs for several of the top social media platforms. You can use them to increase organic search results, influence branding, escalate sales, and grow networks and reach.

Choose your social media platform below, or download the printer-friendly checklist. Then check off the KPIs you should track to align with your business goals.

▢ Page Likes (new likes, unlikes, growth vs previous month and year-over-year)
▢ Total Reach (organic, paid)
▢ Total Impressions (organic, paid)
▢ Engaged Users (page level)
▢ Engaged Users (post level)
▢ PTAT – people talking about this (folks who engaged with your content, basically)

▢ Followers
▢ Follower segmentation: interests, location, gender, etc.
▢ Total Impressions (organic, paid)
▢ Engagement rate Tweet activity: retweet, favorites
▢ Customer service related issued (quantity, resolved)
▢ Traffic generated to your website
▢ Competitive analysis (hashtags, lists)
▢ Questions answered or comments passed on (product improvement)
▢ Queries dealt through direct messages

▢ Updates
▢ Reach
▢ Engagement
▢ Followers
▢ Follower Trends
▢ Visitors

▢ Watch Time
▢ Average View Duration
▢ Views
▢ Likes, dislikes, comments, shares, videos in playlist, subscribers
▢ Top 10 videos
▢ Top geographies
▢ Gender views
▢ Traffic sources
▢ Playback locations

▢ Follower growth
▢ Interactions per post type
▢ Time of day
▢ Hashtag detection

▢ Impressions
▢ Viewers
▢ Audience Location
▢ Gender/Language
▢ Repins
▢ Clicks
▢ Likes
▢ Top Boards

Next Steps

Now that you know that KPIs you’re going to track, align them with your business goals to make sure you’re achieving them through your marketing efforts.

Track each goal on a monthly basis and compare them month over month, quarter over quarter, and year over year to help you visualize how they are helping you achieve your goals. If they are not helping, adjust what you’re doing, such as:

  • Changing the headlines;
  • Increasing engagement questions in posts;
  • Adding additional media your target audience enjoys, such as video or photos;
  • Leverage social media hashtags to draw in new audience members and leads;
  • Including vocal nuances for local audiences to your target geography, for example, people in NJ visit the shore, not the beach; and
  • Consider adding quizzes, trivia, or games to your social media posts to increase engagement among fans.

Now that you know what to track, how will you be using KPIs for your business?

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